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 C: Odd Sandwiches of the Day (d20) (bought from sandwich list) C: Odd Sandwiches of the Day (d20) (bought from sandwich list)
-  A salmon and ham sandwich +  A salmon and ham sandwich 
-  A sweetcorn and chocolate spread sandwich +  A sweetcorn and chocolate spread sandwich 
-  An apple and mayonnaise sandwich +  An apple and mayonnaise sandwich 
-  A beef and mayonnaise sandwich +  A beef and mayonnaise sandwich 
-  A cheese and bacon sandwich +  A cheese and bacon sandwich 
-  A salad and egg sandwich +  A salad and egg sandwich 
-  A marmalade and strawberry jam sandwich +  A marmalade and strawberry jam sandwich 
-  A cheese and tomato sandwich +  A cheese and tomato sandwich 
-  A jelly and egg sandwich +  A jelly and egg sandwich 
-  A lettuce and raspberry jam sandwich +  A lettuce and raspberry jam sandwich 
-  A salmon and pickle sandwich +  A salmon and pickle sandwich 
-  A tuna and jelly sandwich +  A tuna and jelly sandwich 
-  A peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwich +  A peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwich 
-  An ham and strawberry jam sandwich +  An ham and strawberry jam sandwich 
-  A bacon and apple sandwich +  A bacon and apple sandwich 
-  An ham and lettuce sandwich +  An ham and lettuce sandwich 
-  A marmite and tomato sandwich +  A marmite and tomato sandwich 
-  A cheese and mayonnaise sandwich +  A cheese and mayonnaise sandwich 
-  A cucumber and chocolate spread sandwich +  A cucumber and chocolate spread sandwich 
-  A chicken and prawn sandwich+  A chicken and prawn sandwich
 D: Random Alcoholic Drinks (d20) (1 sp) D: Random Alcoholic Drinks (d20) (1 sp)
-  Watered-down Vinegar +  Watered-down Vinegar 
-  Common Gin (possibly has turpentine) +  Common Gin (possibly has turpentine) 
-  Mother’s Milk (mudders milk… a whole meal in one) +  Mother’s Milk (mudders milk… a whole meal in one) 
-  Kumis (fermented mare’s milk) +  Kumis (fermented mare’s milk) 
-  Light beer +  Light beer 
-  Apple Cider (alcoholic) +  Apple Cider (alcoholic) 
-  Red Wine +  Red Wine 
-  Chilled Beer +  Chilled Beer 
-  Honey  Mead +  Honey  Mead 
-  Fey Wine (a typical white wine) +  Fey Wine (a typical white wine) 
-  Brown Ale +  Brown Ale 
-  Dark Rum +  Dark Rum 
-  Brandy +  Brandy 
-  Bourbon +  Bourbon 
-  Whiskey +  Whiskey 
-  Hippocras (heated wine with spices/cinnamon) +  Hippocras (heated wine with spices/cinnamon) 
-  Pomegranate Wine +  Pomegranate Wine 
-  Brain Jammer (d4 hours Resist Psionics, Inf. CSE) +  Brain Jammer (d4 hours Resist Psionics, Inf. CSE) 
-  Dwarven Ale +  Dwarven Ale 
-  The Green Gargoyle+  The Green Gargoyle
 E: Room descriptions (d20) E: Room descriptions (d20)
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