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 +====== Super Mages Guild (SMG) ======
 +**Founders**: Samus, Shane
 +**Board of Directors**: (Lifetime appointment, can only be appointed or removed by 2/3 vote of other board members, also must be a GM)
 +Valerie                              Master Mage
 +Jennifer                             Mutate Master
 +Cronk                                High Priest (Zepherin)
 +Raz Beri                             Nomad, Blunt Connection
 +Sotara                               Warrior Mage
 +Willie Jackson                       Master Assassin
 +Ember                                Mutate Apprentice
 +**Members of Rank**:
 +Tork, Halima, Virdon
 +===== Location =====
 +The island of New Jersey, located about 3-days from Lojem.  The SMG itself is located on/in the mountain in the center of the island.  The island is somewhat kidney shaped with a port city based on the concave side of the island.  There is also a very well armed armada that patrols the water around New Jersey, lead by the Sea Marshal. Tork is the Governor of New Jersey City.  The City is well kept, and everyone entering the city is asked their business and searched for any suspicious material.  The City has regular patrols of well trained soldiers.
 +===== Purpose =====
 +The SMG is a brotherhood of adventurers who understand the needs and wants of the modern magically inclined adventurer.  We know that sometimes you need someone on your side.  We are there to provide services for our members, and for outsiders for a modest fee.
 +Services                             Cost
 +Casting a spell ranks 1-4            40 SP/rank
 +Casting a spell ranks 5-8            75 SP/rank
 +Casting a spell ranks 9-12           150 SP/rank
 +Casting a spell ranks 13-15          Magic item or teresium.
 +Casting a spell ranks 16+            Major magic item or significant
 +                                     amounts of teresium.
 +Training for non-members             For non-unique groups: 150 silver
 +                                     per rank of spell to be learned, or
 +                                     for skills the cost is half of the
 +                                     base cost of the skill in SP times
 +                                     the rank.  Unique groups, spells,
 +                                     and skills have a negotiable cost,
 +                                     usually something of substantial
 +                                     power, we will also trade for new
 +                                     spell groups.
 +Cargo shipping                       Negotiated with Board.
 +Protection                           Negotiated with Board.
 +Companionship                        TBA, dependent on skill desired.
 +  * The following spell groups are available for training:
 +    * All Air Groups
 +    * All Earth Groups
 +    * All Fire Groups
 +    * All Water Groups
 +    * Stone Magics (Earth)
 +    * War Magics(Earth)
 +  * Unique groups:
 +    * Alchemy
 +    * Battle Magics (Water)
 +  * We also have access to some 16+ mage spells.
 +  * Those learning unique groups, spells, or skills must sign a binding confidentiality agreement stating that they will not train these to others.
 +  * Those found to be casting our unique groups, spells, or skills, and have not been trained by us must provide verifiable proof of their research, or will be persuaded to tell the source of their knowledge.  Appropriate actions will then be taken.
 +  * We also have temples for Zepherin and Osiris, as well as shrines for Din and Feori.  There is also a temple to T’or on the island.
 +===== Membership =====
 +  * Verifiable achievements in magic and/or adventure, or sponsorship of current member of rank.
 +  * Must be able to cast at least one spell.
 +  * Approval of a member of the Board.
 +  * One time membership fee of 10,000 silver.
 +  * Signed contract
 +  * SMG is based on the idea of looking out for each other.  As such any members must do the same, you must help other members to the best of your ability.  How you treat non-members is up to you.
 +===== GM Notes =====
 +All plots/business/misc. dealing with SMG must be run through one of the GMs who have a character on the board. At this time they are: Jon Sutcliffe, Josh Ellison, Greg Layton, Dan Williams, Eman Kunz, Aaron Parry.  
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