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 +Centralia is the centrali island of the Rhine Archipelago. There are three main cities on the island: [[centraliacity|Centralia City]], [[pregada|Pregada]] and [[prall|Prall]]. On the western coast was the resort town of [[oceanshore|Ocean Shore]]. The adventurer town of [[littlekarfelon|Little Karfelon]] is on the southern shore between Centralia and Pregada.
 +====== Holidays ======
 +  * The Festival of the Freeze - This festival takes place during the first day that Centralia becomes ice locked and its Citizens able to walk to Is'Damor. Usually occurs during Murh or Napen.
 +  * Karneval of Remembrance - Held on Napen 18-20 and commemorates the death of Master Telain and the completion of his most famour work: [[isdamor|Is'Damor]].
 +  * Winter Festival of Games - On Obern 16th the people come together in a celebration of winter. There is always lots of sledding and skating. The annual Skimmer races are held during this festival.
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