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 ===== Wizard University ===== ===== Wizard University =====
-Nothing yet.+The Wizards University was proudly opened during the 3 day holiday of the Festival of Foretelling (At'ena) at the end of the year 10070. During this time, there was huge celebrations, sharing of knowledge, public lessons for lower ranking magic for free, grand repairs and upkeep of the entire city of Centralia, and large feasts held every night for everyone to attend.
 +The Wizards University is located partly in a large, ornate, building which has been placed directly behind the Wizards Guild tower. Inside, the guild puts on display some of the lesser artifacts and magic items they have, to promote a sense of awe and wonder with the guild, and the capabilities of magic. This is also to the extent where the front half of the building is more of a museum, than a school.
 +The school itself is located in the building, as well as past a plane shift ring which leads to a much larger castle on a magically charged world, named Amarsonia. Inside the Jaernian building is located the lesser classrooms, which are specifically set aside for non-mages and commoners to learn their first spells. This is one of the few places non-mages are allowed without constant escort. Once it has been proven that a student in one of the base classes has learned their first spell. They are allowed to enroll in higher classes, as well as buy their way into the guild if they so choose. Other classes that take part in this area of the building are basic courses in Core Elemental Magic, Air Magic, Earth Magic, Water Magic, and Fire Magic. All these groups are only taught up to 12 ranks in the outer building. Psionics are also taught on a rotating monthly schedule, with the order going: 
 +Psionics are also only taught up to a maximum of 12 ranks here.
 +Once it has been clear that a student has shown magical potential in the form of learning up to rank 12 in a spell group, has purchased their entrance to the guild, as well as has a recommendation from a previously accepted, well standing mage, they are allowed to enter Amarsonia.
 +Amarsonia is the place that most college mages strive to get to, and can be obtained by anyone who puts forth enough effort. Inside, there is a grand castle that stretches for mets in each direction. To this day the mages guild still hires parties of adventurers to investigate the deeper and farther halls of the castle. It was previously owned by a Hirudo lord, but was reclaimed. Inside the castle, many more classes are offered, with mages specially taught to teach every spell group, as well as a special section dedicated to mages who are learning new and upcoming (public) spell groups, so that they may offer classes and training in those spells. Adventurers (PC's) are commonly asked to also visit and teach their spells, or just assist in training of younger students. There is also a section of the castle marked off for more research of new spell groups, due to the 3rd floor of the guild's tower becoming cramped. There is also a section of the castle set off for housing and rooming, with each mage being granted a room, that from the outside looks small, but is significantly bigger on the inside. They come complete with running water, and electricity upon request.
 +Amarsonia has some special attributes to it, in that people on the plain have the ability to alter overload checks by 1 passively, regain units at a significantly accelerated rate of 1/minute, which greatly assists in training, because this allows for much more trial and error, rather than having to get it right the first time. These units are temporary and cannot be transferred off plain by spells or magical effects. Lastly, the mages guild has set aside 3 central large rooms, one of which is encased in teresium, which has a major function. It works as a holding cell for rogue mages, since it drains units incredibly fast (20/round). The second room down the hall also has warning signs on it, and inside is a "no magic zone". meant to remove or temporarily alleviate magical effects should a spell have gone horribly wrong. Lastly is a room marked for infirmary, which is directly across the hall. It is constantly staffed by at least 3 Isisites, and has significant warding and effects on it, all of which when combined, make death inside the room near impossible by normal means. It is also a clean room, and is quarantined from bacteria and viruses.
 +There is a central area near the entrance that is set aside for teleportation magics, meaning that this is where all planeshifts and otherports will end up, even if the chosen destination was somewhere else. This can be bypassed, but it requires proper approval from the authority figures of Amarsonia.
 +Section for PC's:
 +The guild will offer silver CREDIT at a rate of 5000 per month for dedicated teaching of spells, with researched spell groups being in high demand. Teaching spell groups also may count towards the 2 week service time yearly to the guild. Teaching spells will essentially take all the time between games that a PC has, with the only time off being adventures themselves. The guild expects to be notified if possible.
 ===== Magic Item Identification ===== ===== Magic Item Identification =====
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