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-Centralia is an island that is part of the [[settings:centralia:therhine|Rhine Archipelago]]. The cities on the island are independent of each other, each having their own system of government. The predominate language is Ferric, although most business people do speak Paroli. People that don't speak Ferric though are looked down on and business people that want to get ahead will always do business in Ferric. 
-**[[settings:centralia:centraliacity|Centralia City]]** is the largest city on Centralia Island and in the Rhine. Many consider it the capital city because it shares its namesake with the island itself. The city is under the control of the various Lords. The city is know for being the home of many wealthy business owners and generally is on the bleeding edge when it comes to art and fashion. Many believe their is but a single law in the city, which is to keep the city clean of filth. While it rarely happens, death sentences have been handed down for littering.  
-**[[settings:centralia:littlekarfelon|Little Karfelon]]** is a trade town on the south side of the road between Centralia City and Pregada. It was originally inhabited by refugees from the destruction of Karfelon. Paroli is the main language since it was the primary language of Karfelon. 
-**[[settings:centralia:oceanshore|Ocean Shore]]** is a resort city designed specifically with entertainment and relaxation in mind. 
-**[[settings:centralia:prall|Prall]]** is the worker city on the island of Centralia. See Map. Prall is in direct contrast to Centralia Prime. It is dirty and dangerous. 
-**[[settings:centralia:pregada|Pregada]]** is a small city that is mostly inhabited by artisans, shop-keepers and the household help of Centralia. 
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