Chelsea is the daughter of Baron Wills. Chelsea is an attractive young woman of about age 15. Until her 15th birthday she seemed to have spent most of her time at the Centralia Country Club with her "trainer".

Upon her 15th birthday she commissioned a group of adventurers from the surrounding areas and disapeared. She was not heard from for over two years. She re-emerged onto the social scene at the same time that the temple of Ra attempted to take over the city. She was killed during the fighting and her bodied enshrined at Is'Damor. Is'Damor dispeared toward the end of the fighting and was to remain gone for several years.

When Is'Damor returned rumors began circulating that the enshrined dead were alive again, including the Lady Chelsea. This is still very much a rumor as no "dead" have been seen for sure and certainly none have left the island of Is'Damor.