September 22, 2016

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage)
Link Atemest (......*Pottery Noises*)
Fwip (Storms are beautiful.)


you get teleported to meet up with Sylvannis and Queen Noriko/"adventurers needed to open another rift"

Plot Synopsis

Adventuers met up with sylvannis on the western edge of Gaea, near cradle. She is going to have them open the earth elemental rift, which is deep beneath the ground, beneath Weto. It was the thing responsible for all the undead in the city. Long story short, hooded man and link both died in different parts, and both got res'd in different ways (i didnt do it, they had floating resses). They did successfully open the rift

Noteworthy Postgame Events