September 03, 2016

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Andrew Zhou
Garen (Warrior & psion)
Marx (Rogue)


Adventurers wanted to start preparations to destroy a demon.

Plot Synopsis

After the previous adventurers informed him of a demon possessing the lord in the southern desert, Alwan has begun making preparations to purge the demon from the realm. To that end, the first step is to hire expendable adventurers to find out what they can and hopefully do some damage.

Arriving at the Zephyr Oasis, they found skeletons everywhere, as some force had ripped the literal life from everything, all leading to a weakness in the planar structure in the center of town hall. Confused, they spent some time rummaging through the city, managing to come across a rough map of the desert with the main crystal mine marked, along with a large red x elsewhere. At this point they realized that horses are slower than Garen speed, and so they shoved everything into a portal bag and ran across the desert to the X, meeting what appeared to be a great lizard. They conversed slightly, understanding a bit of what the political structure of the land was. They received an offer - he would help them with the demon, if they helped him kill possessed Taygen (Which they declined for now, as Alwan wanted Taygen to be kept alive if possible). They parted on good terms, as the party set out for the mines.

Once there they simply walked straight in, admiring and stealing crystals as they went. They discovered crystal shades, and that they hurt. They passed two clear magic border lines, before coming to a great purple crystal. Passing it, they found that the area became dramatically more magic-charged, and more deadly. While the others waited in the safer part, Garen bravely mentally charged through the mines, managing even to reach the deep end of the mine, coming to the black crystal core. Of interesting note was a body nearby, which did not seem to match the description of Taygen.

They (very intelligently) decided to leave after that, but passing a white crystal they saw earlier, decided to try and grab it. The crystal refused to budge, but called a huge number of scorpion like creatures when bothered, one of which was an extremely abnormal light purple. A kind of mental conversation occured with it, knowledge was gained, things happened.

Adventurers reported back with scorpion's knowledge of secret base. Adventurers also told lizard friend, but not Alwan of lizard.

Noteworthy Postgame Events