August 20, 2016

Game Start Date
Game Master
Andrew Zhou
Vixen ()


STABLE adventurers required to investigate mysterious treasure island.

Plot Synopsis

Previous reports state the island is a minor paradise, as well as full of giant gemstones. However, everyone sent has returned with nothing but rocks, and so professional adventurers have been sought out..

Having arrived at the island with a small band of soldiers, our brave adventurers promptly sent the soldiers in first to horribly undetermined fates. With no true plan they simply sat down and played music for inspiration, thereby drawing out an enormous baby.. thingy... which was lulled to sleep. With the foe vanquished (but not killed) they set forth and investigated within the great treasure chests of the strange castle, finding treasure, magic, and a few angry boxes. Upon departing the isle through the wall of mist though, they found that their riches had evaporated into naught but giant rocks.

Upon which point they terrorized the hirer, murdered their way through the city, looted the vault... and rode off into the sunset on a giant hamster. With a butterfly.
(One person was sold into slavery. Silver meant for them that was 'misplaced' was found.)

Noteworthy Postgame Events