April 16, 2016

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Zane Zmola
Blaine (Zeph Priest. )
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage)
Quinn (Angel chick with wings and insane bow skill)
River Sky (I am going to ask about the sun alot)
Davy Jones (Marine/Necromancer)
I think it's this one...


Adventurers needed to clear the floor 6 dungeon

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers met Heathcliff in the bar in the 6th floor main town where quin found out he is essentially a god, he offered all the characters items to keep their silence to the people of that world. To enter the dungeon they needed to find a key to make a large invincible dwarf move away from the entrance. it didn't take particularly long to do so. after entering they ran into several ghosts and exploding monsters. They dropped some magical items. They found the boss room at which they stopped before entering and prepped for several minutes. The last thing they did before entering was Hooded man Hastened the entire party. They then entered the room where the boss appeared. On the first round everyone entered and Quin and hooded man did about 600 damage to the large Kobalt boss. The boss then failed to hit hooded man. and nothing else notable happened, the following 2 rounds about the same thing happened except the rest of party also attacked. the combat ended after 3 rounds dealing 1967 damage to the boss and less than 100 to party. The then went to the next floor where Heathcliff met them and congratulated them on a job well-done. Hooded man then showed him a story of a man named Hidecliff who could not make an interesting game. he then paid them and negotiated items with the players.

Noteworthy Postgame Events