March 27, 2016

Game Master
Morgan Soultz
Selia (Angelic healer, herbalist, and lawfully good peace-maker.)
River Sky (I am going to ask about the sun alot)
Steele (To some, an alcoholic pirate captain. To others, a hedonistic space marine. Neither is incorrect.)
Fwip (Storms are beautiful.)


Adventurers needed to capture a roadrunner.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers met Wile E. Coyote in a mountainous desert landscape. Tasked to capture the elusive roadrunner. Made a trap of invisible wall with birdseed behind. Attacked roadrunner and with Tim appearing suddenly glued it to the ground. Went to turn it in and attacked employer. Conflict broke out among party. Those on employer's side saved him and Steele's physical appearance was changed to that of a 10yo by party member for attacking employer incessantly.

Noteworthy Postgame Events