March 05, 2016

Game Master
Grant Greene
Zedd (Fire mage)
Garen (Warrior & psion)
Rick Sanchez
Morty Smith


You wake up in the middle of a road, next to a forest, hungover. The majority of your memories are gone.

Plot Synopsis

The party woke up in a forest, along with Rick and Morty, hungover and with no memory of their past. They wandered into a strangely cliche' medieval town, where every townsperson seemed to have a different quest for the adventurers. After killing trolls to retrieve a stolen family heirloom (which resulted in Morty's death), the party took it upon themselves to murder the pedophile King Jellybean. After selling him drugs and freeing the improsioned children, Batman climbed up inside King Jellybean's ass, and burst out, killing him and wearing his corpse as a set of armor. After taking over all the other towns and waging war on each other's cities, they had to right two dragons, with strange feelings that this was a final boss. After defeating the dragons, the party woke up inside some odd science pods, upon which their memories returned. They remembered that after helping Rick break a friend out of prison, they went off to celebrate at Blitz and Chitz. They went off to play a Matrix-style simulation game, "Medieval Mayhem", for which they just recieved the high score. The party then redeemed their 6,000,000 prize tickets for awesome prizes.

Noteworthy Postgame Events