April 24, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko


"Heroes want to help remove small island of foul beasties. Meet Nikky at the Spectral Meteor at 11am."

Plot Synopsis

Lellan arrives early and makes her way to the first meeting room. Khelek arrives and uses SEE to look into the room just before everyone else arrives and they all go in. Nikky explains that she is needing them to get rid of some foul beasties that showed up on her home island and started killing the locals. When asked about pay she says her town has gathered up 5000 silver for the job. Also asked was how many lived on the island, Nikky says about 200 prior to the beasties about 100-125 got off to a small island in their bacy. Dusk asks that instead of pay he could take her out to dinner and a show. Everyone being amendable to the pay they leave to the docks and board a fishing Kurajo for the 2 week trip back to the island.

The boat sets sail and a few minutes later Khelek gathers the adventurers together wanting to hijack the adventure. Dusk volunteers to get them to the island quicker to do the job and then he was willing to continue with Khelek. At this point a long black ship cruises up alongside the Kurajo and Dusk tells everyone to get aboard. Nikky shows Dusk, Khelek and Claude the charts of where her island is and they all board Dusk's boat. The boat then speeds up and hydrofoils off at tremendous speed (600+ ft/rnd). They arrive just before midnight at the island and drop Nikky off on the smaller isle in the cove.

While Dusk starts offering daquiris to the other adventurers Claude flies off to survey the island. He sees lots of 10 foot holes in buildings and much wreckage. He stops in the town hall and purloins a small 3" diameter clear orange ball with 2 stars inside it. Then he goes off to search more of the island. He finds a beastie just wandering about tells it to die and it does. He then finds 2 more and tells them to die as well which they do but not before letting out a pain wail which hurts Claude who is imaterial at the time. After having one of the creatures pulled into his bag he searches through the forest and small inactive volcano and finds a herd of 14 beasties. He goes back to the boat and tells the others.

Dusk and Mog climb into Claude's bag and Dusk checks out the creature which is starting to dissolve. He puts some of the creature into a glass jar and watches as the remains dissolve and evaporates away. A hole burns into the warehouse floorboards before they can remove the corpse from the bag. Claude gets out and then flies off to find the herd. When they find the herd Claude lines up his gattling gun and unloads all his ammo at the herd. Most are killed but a few get away. Dusk gets out of the bag after finding a beastie and gets charged at but sidesteps the creature and grabs its rear legs (it has 6). He then determines this creature is male. He gets pain wailed and another creature tries to ram him while Claude flies off to snipe the rest from air. Khelek and Sorrel board a Shadow Drako and flies off to the volcano. Dusk PARALYZEs the 2 near him then finding one is female casts CHANGE SIZE and has his way. After a while he casts BEND OVER when the paralyze wears off. When finished he takes awhile to bash its head in. Claude kills a few more while Khelek and Sorrel find a cave covered over with vegitation in the Volcano. Claude goes in and finds after a bit of searching a smoothed surface and a single glass vial. One creature then wanders down into the hole (Khelek keeps his drako flying high) and then burrows into the ground. Claude gives it a lead enema and leaves. Dusk talks to some animals and finds 2 more.

Having cleared out the island they go to the small shelter isle and ask for payment dispite it being 4am. They get paid and Sorrel asks for a small plot of land which she is granted. People go to sleep.

Part II the unplanned extra

Claude after a talk with Khelek says he knows of a Old West world he can Otherport to. After a delicious breakfast they all get in Claude's bag and when they emerge they are in a dusty alley near a barber shop. Everyone comes out and Claude talks to the barber who tells him the Tavern is accross the street and he should open his eyes. Not much is done they all get rooms and buy local clothing. Dusk goes to Red's and gets a few girls for the next several hours. Khelek runs into the Sheriff while the others are waiting outside the bank and says he thinks they are going to rob it. The sheriff goes inside the jail and looks at his wanted posters before closing the door. He then has his deputy round up 2 other deputies and they take position around the bank. Claude walks out casually flips through his wad of money he exchanged his gold coins for and heads downs to the general store. Then he goes to the ammo store to find they don't sell guns. Sorrel buys a dress and changes. Lellan who has had nothing to go goes to the ammo store as well and buys a 50 rounds of 30 caliber pistol ammo. Claude asks the store owner about ammo and pays him to explain things to him for the next 3 hours after which he buys some ammo, powder, shells, primers and a press which he shoves in his bag. WHich freaks the store owner a bit. Khelek meanwhile buys up half the libraries books (mostly fiction) with a huge gold bar. When he uses his bag the librarian thinks she has made a deal with the devil. Various party members find that there is a city of Carson to the west and St. Louis about 300 miles east. They go to their rooms. Claude goes immaterial and robs the bank. They then fly to East and then south on a Drako. They buy the inventory of 2 gunshops and ammo. They tried to buy ammo for the gattling gun but that was "military rounds" which they did not have. Dusk meanwhile found a whore house then organized a beauty pagent. Claude also went to the local college looking to hire some students. After a few days they left back to Jaern and Dusk had his dinner and show with Nikki.

Notes: These guns must be cleaned an hour after use and the ammo only fires 95% of the time (-5% per non cleaning off the guns within 1 hour after use). The bolt action rifles only fire .30 caliber rounds. Same goes with the pistols different ammo same caliber. The adventurers were NOT warned about the maintenance of the guns. Rifles do 2d10, 30 caliber Pistols 2d6, 45 caliber 2d8, and shotguns 2d12. (more than enough damage to kill most normal people).

Noteworthy Postgame Events