February 21, 2016

Game Master
Zane Zmola
Lili (Cute dragon girl)
Garen (Warrior & psion)


Adventurers needed to assist with relations with the forrest people

Plot Synopsis

The person hiring told the adventurers that the people of their town that they need to sign a treaty with the forest people but they are not particularly open to negotiations. He agreed to pay them from his personal arsenal. When they got to the border the border guards from the forest people. before the adventurers entered the kingdom they demanded that they hand over their weapons. They appeared to comply with the demand. After they reach the castle they find out they need a favor, they wanted someone to clear out treants from the ruins of their settlement. On their way there they abandoned their escorts and just went on their own, the forest people did not like this much. when they got there there they tried to negotiate with the treants to leave the ruins but they didn't think the adventurers could beat them. So garen and lili procweeded to 2 on 4 the treants. They weren't having a great time but certainly were doing fine then Lili suddenly turned into a dragon and quicky killed all the remaining treants but also started a forest fire with her fire breath. The forest people came b and were glad the treants were gone but pretty pissed that the forest was on fire. after bickering with the adventurers they get it under control with no help from Lili or Garen. Lili also would not believe she turned into a dragon. The forest people took them back to the castle just prettymuch giving up on keeping possession of the weapons realizing it was safer for the basses to just let them have them. They didn't have a hard time negotiating a peace treaty. The king however does suffer from short term memory loss and they did have to give him a potion to remind him what he had forgotten. At this point the mission was completed and the employer agreed to pay them.

Noteworthy Postgame Events