February 20, 2016

Game Master
Grant Greene
Bane (Strong enough to wrestle a dragon. Sarcastic enough to taunt it into doing so.)
Levythar (Race: Lizard, Background: Warrior, Attune: Compile)
Blaine (Zeph Priest. )
Kro' Gash ()
Carl (Carl does what Carl wants to do! She doesn't like people touching her shoulders)
Nori Alfsson
Gudbrand the Allfather


I have located the seed. Meet me at the Warrior's Mare at 5:00. -Nori

Plot Synopsis

The party was assembled to accompany Nori on a mission to retrieve the seed of Yggdrasil and return the Flame of Eternity to its owner, Gudbrand, ruler of Asgard. After battling stone golems at the well of time and volcanoing a spellbook, the party had to battle the adversaries of the Prime Dark elf in order to gain access to Asgard. The Flame was returned to the Allfather, and he gifted Nori and the brave adventurers that aided in his mission with unique gifts.

Noteworthy Postgame Events