February 13, 2016

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Tylan (You will never see me coming! )
Eve Reaper (I'll make your wildest dreams come true for the small price of your soul)
Anna Foamwake (I do so try to look good and be my best)
Argyle ()
Gale (Sua luce lucet.)


Adventures needed to recover a mine that was taken over and rescue the miners from the abductors. Meet Dakarna at The Centralia Guild of Wizzards in room 1a at noon on the 1st of Obern. A meal will be provided.

Plot Synopsis

Waiting for the party is a Dwarf who says he is in charge of the mine. He tells them he knows about 20 of his Dwarven miners were alive but captured and being forced to work for the invaders and offers 20,000 silver each to rescue them and regain control of the mine.

Tylan (as a non-descript 6’tall Dwarf) starts asking questions when Dakarna offers the adventures armbands to wear during their mission and tells them they will want to were them in case of an emergency. After a bit he explains that the mine is on an asteroid and the bands would let them not die from exposure. At this point a crow on a masked woman’s shoulder turns into Eve and removes the mask form the woman who goes away. Half of the party turns out to be either undead or some sort of living construct. They agree and follow Dakarna to the Alpha site portal and through to a portal labeled LXIXa, and positioned behind the Portal to the Dwarven Kingdom.

They go through and are in some sort of staging area warehouse with a number of tech portals which you can see through. They go through one into a 10x10 room with a closed door in front of them. Namirr turns the wheel and opens it while Tylan trains his gun into the doorway. He sees 2 guns mounted on tripods pointing at him but without generating heat they didn’t fire. Anna steps forward followed by the party and her Inertia Barrier keeps the bullets from hitting anyone as they sense them. Tylan and Eve turn into birds and go past the guns and down to a grated door on the way they trigger an silent alarm but red lights start flashing. They determine its and elevator shaft and they press the call button and see the cables start to move. Impatient they open door and fly down to find the miners or whoever had taken over.

Falknor and Gale, being impatient, start trying to break the guns that had been firing for several minutes just to get stopped by the barrier. After getting shot Gale destroyed one of the guns causing it to explode. The other gun gets taken care of.

When they get to the elevator and Falknor, Namirr, Anna and Argyle decide to go up while not trusting the elevator with Falknor's weight in it, Rose, Jeff and Terra stay put and start to play Old Maid. When the others get to the next floor up they see a control room with 4 guys in it. After a short conversation through the grating Anna Dominates a guard named Harry and has him go lock himself in the cell they had wanted Anna and the others to go to. Then they go back down to find the door locked. They head back up to the control room. After refusing to give themselves up the guards drop a gas canister that knocks out Argyle but no one else. They start shooting through the grated door and since Anna had dropped her Inertia Barrier Argyles armor attracted the 5 shots at Namirr and Falknor. Anna activated the Inertial barrier again.The door gets unlocked and after a bit of a fight 3 guards are dead. The forth guard eventually walks into the airlock and Anna spaces him.

Meanwhile Tylan and Eve take out 2 guards they see down one of the mine shafts. After disguising themselves as the guards through magic and other means they take one of the dead and come up with an idea to tell other groups of guards a story of adventurers and needing to get back to the control room. They split up 2 of those and kill them as the rest of the party catch up. They can’t split the next batch but drop some ghouls out of a portal that then eat them. They portal bag all the dwarven miners for safety. Having taken out everyone they needed to they then realize there is a scheduled opening of a portal to the invaders place in a few hours. They went back to Dakarna and let the dwarves out. After a discussion they figure that they would need to destroy the portal control station to prevent new incursions. Namirr donates 10 explosives to a plan and after gluing those to a zombified guard they send it through the portal when it opens. The Zombie then offers to hug everyone and that triggers a huge explosion shutting down the portal as a few bits fly back through it as some of the party waved through the portal.

They take their pay and leave back to the Alpha site.

Noteworthy Postgame Events