January 16, 2016

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Kyle Allen
River Sky (I am going to ask about the sun alot)


Adventurers needed to help the needy people of the Almarian slums. Please meet at the Spruce Caboose at 1pm.

Plot Synopsis

After coming across a large quantity of illicit drugs, Allana decides to solicit some help from adventurers to help an underserved population in her town. After painfully travelling though a poorly made portal, the adventurers got to work. They convinced a sluggish drug dealer to lead them to the local crime boss. He was dealt with explosively. Upon returning, the gang discovered that there had been a mysteriously sudden death. Having no leads, they confronted the mayor's son, Charles, about his paternal responsibilities to an impoverished teenage girl named Rachel. He began unknowingly counting down from 10 as he expressed his disinterest and died. The gang decided to blow up the inn in which they were speaking to avoid suspicion (adventurers actions don't always make sense). While investigating the murders, the gang met Cornelious, who was infatuated with Rachel. They decided to introduce them to each other. Soon after, they discovered that he was obsessed with her and was the source of the mysterious deaths. He escaped capture for a while, but was soon caught an dealt with explosively. The gang was rewarded by the mayor for avenging her son. Rachel, whose father was the first victim was taken in by the mayor. The gang received their drugs and returned to Jaern.

Noteworthy Postgame Events