January 16, 2016

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Anon Nymous (An infamous assassin, known for being a sadistic and completely indiscriminate killer... currently missing, presumed dead.)
Dreekash Infernus (Master of the four elements, keeper of balance, defender of the innocent)
The Hobo (He's a hobo)
Carl (Carl does what Carl wants to do! She doesn't like people touching her shoulders)
Jacob Mandivus Delta


Team wanted to compete in a bake-off. Come to Planar TV headquarters office J284 at 13:00

Plot Synopsis

The party arrived in the parking lot outside the Planar TV headquarters. They vandalized a few cars before heading inside. Unable to understand how an elevator works the party either took the stairs or flew up the elevator shaft to arrive at the office just in time. Inside they met Jacob Mandivus Delta (Jordan) who set up the contract with them, promising that the party would not swear or do obscene things (with the exception of violence) at the cost of their pay. To prepare for show business the party was dressed up greatly at the great embarrassment of everyone, especially The Hobo who ended up crying. They finally met the opposing team, who were quite frankly stuck up dicks. They intimidated the party and particularly pissed off Carl. Finally after answering a few questions and Carl driving ratings up with his great speech, the bake-off began. The teams had to bake a cake to celebrate a drawrven kingdom finding a dragon horde, sourcing the ingredients from their original source, such as fields of wheat and whole cows for milk. The party used the strategy of killing all the opposing cooks in order to assure victory. Aura, Dreekash, Tiernel, and Kira worked on collecting the cake ingredients, Abacus, Anon, and Carl beat up the other team, and The Hobo talked to Jacob Mandivus. Eventually the entire opposing team was killed and in order to keep the show interesting, cakebots flooded the stage and took over. The party trapped the cakebots in the farm away from all kitchen supplies and finished their cake and sabotaging the opposing cake with magical poison. At the end of the game the party was taken back for post-questioning and the opposing team, now revived, reeled in fear of the party. At the judging station the party had superior appearance and exceptional competitive spirit, while the opposing team only had marginally better taste and originality winning them the competition.

Noteworthy Postgame Events