April 17, 2004

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Wright Frazier
Mogradin (Deathknight of Anubis)
Alois Fyn (Kirver and Associates Trading)


The party was hired by one Mr. Alois Fyn of Kirver and Assosciates Trading of Southham to recover a lost cargo of merchandise being shipped to Kieron's Watch.

Plot Synopsis

What: The party was hired by one Mr. Alois Fyn of Kirver and Assosciates Trading of Southham to recover a lost cargo of merchandise being shipped to Kieron's Watch.
When: The game lasted approximately 15 days.
Where: Start: Rougtero, the Spectral Meteor Tavern. Primarily the adventure occured in Geleia between Kieron's Watch and Southham.
Why: The cargo had been supposed to arrive in Kieron's Watch 3 weeks ago but having failed to do so, and facing financial difficulties with its loss, Kirver and Assosciates decided to step outside of the normal guilds of guards and mercenaries in Southham and hire more experienced sorts to recover their cargo.
How: I stretched why enough, we'll leave this one alone.

The party was hired in Rougtero, then after traveling to Southham where mounts, supplies, a couple of mercenaries, and various qualities of information were gathered. Further, Claude's fame as a swordsman having spread thanks to the Portal Farm, caused a bit of a minor riot as sychophants and suckups attempted to buy him drinks and get stories from him and generally improve their social status by having been seen with Claude. I won't however go into the Exotic Animal pin specializing in basset hound fillets.

Upon leaving Southham the party retraced the lost caravan's route northeast to Northham, and there being able to find little continued on. Staying at various inns along the way they happened the buried remains of a caravan belonging to another merchant of Southham. Having this as one of their few clues they turned west towards the river, following what few tracks there were.

As they got further from the road, they set off a trap, creating a considerable amount of noise and alerting the raiders that they were pursuing. However, nothing occured for several more hours as the party cautiously continued on. Finally, having arranged a series of ambushes, the raiders struck, luring Morgan into a seperate ambush during a headlong charge and nearly destroying him before he was able to teleport away. However Claude and Mogradin were able to locate the command point for the Raiders and attack it. Unfortunately for the raiders, their allies deemed it more important for unknown reasons to down the attackers than to preserve their high orc allies. So after numerous (9) fireballs detonating on Claude with little effect, the death of the raider leader, the orcs broke and the individuals supplying the fireballs disappearing.

Mogradin and Claude, with help from Sorrel, Kulov, and their 2 mercenaries were able to mop up what orcs had not been slain by the fireballs and take several prisoners. Claude then scouting spotted a landing shadow aerodrako some miles away and though unable to catch it or destroy it, despite trying, was able to notice 2 elves on its back, though little else about them.

Claude then found the raiders base and was able to drive out the remaining female orcs without difficulty and capture many children and a few of the females. They were later sold off.

Most of the cargo was recovered that they had been sent after, along with other things not on their list, such as copper ingots, food, and bolts of silk. Kirver's cargo was then delivered to Kierons Watch, their reward collected, they then returned to Southham magically and sold the captured orcs to Alois, and then return home via the portal farm.

Shockingly...the rate 8 & rate 9 air mages did not die, though Kulov got a smashed knee for his troubles.

Noteworthy Postgame Events