January 18, 2004

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Joshua Ellison
William D Jackson (Mutto Freak of the year!! Maybe making a comback!!!)
Cronk (ya I can lift that)
Sotara (My sword talks to me...I swear it!!!)
Farmer Down


Adventurers were contacted with the place and time since they had all been on a previous mission and were promised that they could be there when the box was opened.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers that chose to go all met in Centralia at a warehouse that Zelda owns. After meeting the adventurers all agreed to the terms and went through a portal that she owns that goes to her home world.

On the way Zelda explains that they will be meeting a group of fighters on the island where the box can be opened and that they will have to fight this group if they want to get the rest of the keys that will allow them to open up the box.

Once they get close to the island Mini-G decides to scout out the island from above and finds that the group is already there but it does not look like they are preparing an ambush, just waiting for the rest of the keys with the party to show up. The party decides to approach from different angles so that they aren't all in a single fireball formation. With one group being slowed down by a pitfall trap the battle begins.

Initially the party is getting it handed to them and Cronk is even knocked unconscious, but the party turns it around and wins the fight. After the fight the party rests until about 10 at night and then begins searching for the entrance, which can only be entered into at midnight and can only be found shortly before.

While in this temple the adventurers use the keys to gain entrance to the room where there is a 9-pointed star with an altar in the middle. After the box is opened each adventurer and the employer is taken to meet the three goddesses of this world, and they are each granted the thing that they most desire, some of which have negative side effects as well.

After the meeting the adventurers were paid the agreed terms and are allowed to use the portal to get home.

Noteworthy Postgame Events