November 07, 2015

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Link Chain
Hyven Lin
Zane Zmola
Artemis ()
Larry (Warrior.)
Shards (More perceptive than 90% of other T'orites!)


Dwarven adventures wanted to remove "animals" from within the continent. Go through portal LXIX at 3pm Centralia time

Plot Synopsis

Each adventure showed up and those that were not Dwarves were not allowed through unless there was a Dwarf with them. The gargoyle, called Shards, was eyed suspiciously until Gormach vouched for him. They are all let through and directed to the bar that is set up next to the portal attached to the back of one of 3 warehouses.
Prak Dür is there waiting for them and after the party all arrived he tells them they are going to ride to the capital city. Along the way he informs them about the problem with some sort of creatures that are believed to have come from the yearly meteor shower a few months back. He says they can get 1000sp per creature they kill and an extra bonus if they are able to determine where they are coming from.
They agree to the pay and are brought into the city where Link leaves his horse and to a rail car where they are told to stay in the cart until it stops for their safety. The cart then is sent on its way using gravity for acceleration and like a roller coaster it rises and drops through a tunnel system. After an 8 hour ride the cart comes to a stop and a dwarf stationed at the stop leads them up stairs to the surface. He explains that the creatures had been seen recently to the west and sends them on their way.
The party travels to the west along the river. Eilhalvia decides to take a dip in the river finds the current is rather strong and gets swept downstream about 1000 feet before grabbing land. They continue on and eventually Eilhalvia and Artemis notice some broken branches. This lead them to one of the creatures which charges into them but after a brief fight is put down. Eilhalvia cuts its head off and then starts vomiting at the smell that comes out as does Hyven.
Another 3 of the creatures are found to be a little further down in a clearing and eating trees. The party manages to sneak up on them and starts shooting and mini bolting them. Hyven drops a stick of TNT under one and runs away as it explodes killing that one. They finish off the others soon after.
They try to look for more and find they had come out of the river. Shards flew over to the other side but found no tracks. They then send him up with Artemis trying to see if there are any of the ships wrecks they were told about hoping for some take home bonuses but fail to see any. They head back to the outpost and are told they have 2 options to getting back to the mountains. The first is to walk back which would take at least 3 days or the experimental method involving a type of rocket propulsion to boost the cart every now and then. Being out voted Link joins them in the cart and they head back. They are then paid for the 4 that they killed and travel home.

Noteworthy Postgame Events