February 14, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Eldain (Ask about my new methods of avoiding those troublesome spells!)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Tyndracha Navarre (Aerodrako auger/inventor extraordinaire. Dangerous only when bored.)


Tyn's Choice...

Plot Synopsis

The people that Tyn invites arrive at the normal warehouse and the normal time except for Jake who finds and old posting that does not have a date on it, and ends up being signed on anyway. Aris and Aaron are also there and are hiring people to once again go to the Braken dimension this time to capture the leader of a tribe there. Poulolous is from that world and they believe his people have taken one of their people as a prisoner. Poulolous is there to be their guide. Aaron will also be going because he has Fluency and that might be helpful when finding out where they need to go and when/if negotiations come up.

After some negotiation (if a particular box is found the hirers get it, the rest doesn't matter) they are under way. Once there they use a shadow mount to get to the forest. After that Tyn is used to make travel faster. Things proceed rather uneventfully until they cross a river. At that point they being hearing some groaning/growling sounds. Paul decides it might be fun to attract whatever is making those noises and pulls off a three die animal call. This attracts several very large dogs. Tyn works at getting the employer and translator up in a tree. This involves leaving Jake back on the ground. After much fireballing, lightening bolting, and shot gunning, one dog is dead and the other one runs off.

They decide to camp out in a bowl tree that night. After first watch Tyn and Paul decided to go out and get Tyn some food. They head out to the river and end up having a fight with a water creature. They eventually win. Other than that there wasn't much to munch on. Kalag amuses himself by messing with the scavengers that came to feed off the dead dog. One of which he nearly knocks out with a hamster.

The next day they come to a series of trees that look like they have been woven together. Poulolous, Aaron, Paul, Daglon, and Tyn take to the trees, the rest follow on the ground. They eventually all make it into the woven bowl, which contains many tall gray people. Poulolous wanders off into the crowd. The gray creatures seem to be quite interested in the clothes and textures of the travelers so there is much poking going on. The only person that reacts badly to the being poked is Paul, who then paralyzes the guy that poked him. This forces the people natives in the tree to repulse him out of the tree (good thing he cushioned himself the round before). They then try to "ward" him into an area using their crystals. Tyn is able to save him before the field gets too thick.

During this Jake follows Poulolous as he travels with a group from tree to tree. Tanis goes wandering around chasing individuals, which is difficult being that they always seem to travel in at least groups of three. He eventually finds some and has a rather small fight with them and runs off after taking some of their stuff.

Tyn and her group (Kalag and Paul) come across a tree that seems to have more ornaments than any of the surrounding trees. In this tree they find a variety of baskets and carvings but not much of interest and no one is home.

In the bowl tree Aaron casts fluency and asks where they are keeping his friend and holds up a picture. The gray creature shakes his head and looks confused, and Aaron says that he is refusing to give information and that they wont give up the prisoner. Eldain doesn't seem to really notice that the conversation isn't really lining up with the expressions that the gray man is making, he is too interested in trading good things for leaves with writing on them.

After much attempting to find the missing Jaernean the team opts to just grab the guy that looks like the leader (has the biggest crystal and more clothes with ornaments on). They then flee the scene, leaving Tanis. Most of the group goes back to the portal but Tyn wont leave until Tanis joins the group again. He catches up several hours later. They then go back through the portal.

Once there they hand over the tribal leader and get their pay.

Noteworthy Postgame Events