October 31, 2015

Game Master
Matt Seedorf
Fwip (Storms are beautiful.)
Larry (Warrior.)
Apollo ()
Abraham Velizar


Adventurers needed to find my sister who was kidnapped, meet Erick at the Outpost at the Entrance of poratl # 99288

Plot Synopsis

Adventures were hired by a Cult-like leader named Bray to find his Sister Abigail who was kidnapped by his Cousin Bo. They adventured through the swamp land fought Gators, scared a bear off. and found her in a cave where Bo said he was trying to get her away from Bray who is pure evil. Abigail wanted to go home and loves Bray, which they adventurers then had an encountered with Bo who Dominated their guide Erick but was able to defeat him and return her to Bray. Bray will give them an award here shortly.

Noteworthy Postgame Events