February 28, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Daglon (T'or has returned to his full glory. Those who have avoided His justice will now have it brought to them.)
Hum P'mey
D'utta Brudda
D'Wan Brudda


Looking for people that like the great outdoors and would be willing to escort and protect an employer doing research. Meet at the Stopover Inn at noon, ask for Cicero.

Plot Synopsis

Paul arrives first takes and take a seat. Hum P'mey comes in next and touches Paul in an attempt to detect virginity. Paul does not take well to being touched so he paralyzes Hum.

The three "T'orits" arrive on time and see Cicero, Paul, and a paralyzed Hum. Cicero is an older gentleman that is interested in finding a particular creature (a Yuki) on an alternate plane, and watching it. D'utta and D'Wan begin cracking jokes and being rowdy (much drinking, smoking, and being loud) so Cicero begins to leave. Daglon then says that he will keep them under control for the mission. At one point Kitt also wandering into the room. The pay will be 500 silver if one is found and he can study it.

They decided to leave that evening since the time on the other world are opposite to that of Jaern. The group meets up again at the agreed upon time and goes through the portal that is over the water. Once there they find themselves in a light forest. One T'orite takes point with Cicero behind him. The other T'orits fall into position so they can protect Cicero. Paul falls in behind him and Hum goes about finding small plants to whip himself with.

They travel the first day with no events of interest. On the second night a large cat beings prowling around camp and D'Wan challenges it. At first the cat is winning but eventually D'Wan beings to take the upper hand. Most of the party is woken up and they try to help. Eventually the cat is killed and butchered by D'utta.

They eventually reach the site that Cicero wants to observe at and they proceed to set up the equipment. Cicero requests the group to be quiet so that they won't scare off the Yukies. After some quiet night observing D'utta is grabbed by a rather large snake. The party comes to his rescue and the snake is killed. The party members then resume their places. A Yuki eventually shows up and it makes the mistake of going by Paul's watch out place. He grabs it and paralyzes it. Cicero gets quite mad at him and strikes him. Paul attempts to paralyze him but fails. After some arguing Cicero decided to take the Yuki and just call the mission quits.

When they get back to the Stopover Inn everyone is paid except Paul.

Noteworthy events:
Cicero now knows why you shouldn't hire adventurers.

Noteworthy Postgame Events