October 17, 2015

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Nathanael R Priest
Kro' Gash ()
Marx (Rogue)
Blank Mistry ()
Abraham Velizar
Blaine (Zeph Priest. )
Artemis ()
Alexander Starkweather


Artur has been kidnapped. Starkweather needs help.

Plot Synopsis

Starkweather gathers some of his more trusted adventurers and two random guys to recover Artur who has been kidnapped from the safehouse in Northwestern Irlany. An inspection of the safehouse revealed a trail, which led to a bandit camp in which Artur was tied up. Rescue was interrupted when a man wearing a dark hood showed up, and teleported away with Artur, using a nomadic incant as a distraction. Trace teleport led them to house that Starkweather reports is one of Lord Charles's safe houses. Adventurers found no one in the house but Artur, locked in dog cage. He was recovered safely, and Starkweather decided secrecy was no longer safe, and the king must be informed.

Noteworthy Postgame Events