February 28, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Kat McConnell
Samus (Can lift heavy luggage in a single round!!)


Adventurers needed to kill things. Meet at the Stopover Inn at 8am, ask for Al.

Plot Synopsis

Samus arrives early where he proceeds to screw with the bartenders head by ordering random things. When he asks for terrodrako and 14 sheep the bartender tells him to wait at a table and it will be done soon. He brings out a giant plate of meat and is leading 4 sheep behind him. Samus pays him after some resistance and eats the meat. He then proceeds to tie each of the sheep to different legs of the table in an attempt to draw and quarter it. Being sheep they give up and eventually all start heading in roughly the same direction dragging the table behind. This gives Samus an idea and he starts riding a sheep drawn table around the bar.

About 7:30 Al shows up. Samus challenges him to a race and Al accepts. Al wins the first race but Samus wins the second. After that Al decides he had better wait on anyone else coming for the adventure. Samus and his slave Spoon then ride sheep tables around until the rest of the adventurers show up.

Al tells the party that he works for someone who has a problem with creatures attacking workers in a mine and he was asked to hire help to rid it of the creatures. He says that he doesn't know much more that they would have to ask the owner of the mine for the details. The trip to the mine will take two days by boat from Centralia and through a portal. The group is given until 6 that evening to go get any supplies they think they might need for the adventure.

At just before 6 Samus arrives and attempts to bring his sheep into the bar with him. He is blocked by the bartender who informs him that they have many more people in the bar then the morning and the sheep would have to be left outside. After a bit of posturing, Al shows up and tells them to follow him.

The boat trip is fairly uneventful aside from some of the sailors trying to kill the sheep for food. They arrive on a small island where they are lead into a cave system. They wander for about a half hour when they reach a cul-de-sac. Al steps behind a rock then after a minute or so he pokes his head back out and inquires if the rest of them are coming. Getting through the portal proved to be a bit of a challenge due to the change in orientation from vertical to horizontal. Kulov in particular had difficulty.

The portal lead to an area similar to the portal farm only a bit more regulated. Samus attempted to fly through a portal where a waterfall was coming from and was shot at. The party was informed that there was a toll on using "The Junction" and that some portals required special permission.

They were lead through the portal to the mine and to the Forman. Kalag notices a bit of a diminishment in his connection to Anubis. The Forman was of a species not known on Jaern. Samus spent a great deal of time making fun of him for his ears and tail and skin color. The Forman told them that in the course of mining they had hit a natural cave system. Inside were creatures they had never seen before. These creatures attacked the miners. Several attempts were made to eradicate these creatures from the mine but they were unsuccessful in completing the job and had to shut down the mine because of attacks.

The Forman let the party inspect one of the creatures they had killed. It had 4 legs, wings, and a tail. It had claws and its tail secreted poison. It vaguely resembled a raccoon crossed with a bat. Samus tested the poison by licking the tail. They were also informed that most light enraged the creatures but red didn't seem to bother them.

The party was given head lamps with a cool burning fuel and red lenses. They were also given a map of the mine. Payment was set at 200sp each plus 50sp for every tail of a creature they killed. After a bit of bickering the marching order was decided and they entered the mine.

The party had made it halfway down the incline when Samus lamped Kulov's shirt finessed for white light. Kulov was not amused, although Samus was. Kulov put took off his shirt and stuffed it in his bag.

The party noticed some furry things in a hollow of the ceiling. The furry things also happened to notice the party. Combat ensued. Being in front, much to his chagrin, Kulov was attacked first, he managed to score hits on two of the 3 creatures before going unconscious due to claw, tail, and poison attacks. Samus cut open Kulov's bag with his katana and used the lamped shirt to make a "gay looking" scarf for himself. The creatures proceeded to attack Samus. After several rounds where no one on either side hit anything, the party had defeated the creatures. Only to have more, drawn by the light, to attack.

Samus lightning bolted the party, along with the creatures. Several creatures dropped to the ground dead or unconscious as did Ka'na. A few rounds later the remaining creatures were dispatched by Kalag.

Samus then went about looting the unconscious party members. He stripped them naked, put all their stuff in one sack, duct tapped Kulov and Ka'na together and stuffed them in a different sack.

Midway through the looting process they were attacked again. Several rounds passed where no one hit anything. Kalag made several successful hits on the creatures, and eventually they were all dead. Samus had taken some poison damage and wanted to rest for a half hour before continuing on. Kalag continued to search a bit away from Samus.

Kalag was attacked by several more of the creatures. He successfully killed two of them before he had his head torn off by a particularly well placed tail hit. Samus was just coming to help and witnessed this.

Kalag successfully made his divine intervention at the cost of a favor to Anubis. He was sent back to finish the fight. After dispatching the remaining creatures and collecting their tails they decide to head back to the surface.

On the surface they receive some medical attention; however Ka'na does not to be healing at all, in fact none of his wounds even close. They are at a loss on how to help him.

After a rest period or two the party, minus Ka'na who still has not begun to heal, reenter the mine. This time they go straight for the cave that the miners broke through to. Two fireballs later most of the creatures are dead. The group goes down into the cavern to collect the tails and to finish any survivors off and are attacked by 5 more. They swoop by Kalag swinging their tails wildly as they go, then by Kulov, and finally Samus, who lightning bolts them.

The party presents their tails and receives their payment. The pass back through the Junction and onto Jaern. Samus otherports to the mages guild for some deferred endwarfs and earthbones. He then uses these on the party so they may be part of his equipment so he can otherport them to Centralia. He mini-bolts Kulov instead of the endwarf the first time, Kulov goes unconscious.

The party makes it back to Centralia. Kalag goes off to try and fulfill his favor. Samus takes Ka'na to the mages guild and tells them to fix him. Samus drops the spells and leaves, leaving Ka'na unconscious in the entrance to the Centralia mages guild. Ka'na is dragged into a side room and left. He wakes up eight hours later and leaves.

2500 experience were awarded.

Noteworthy Postgame Events