September 19, 2014

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Ron Cena


Extra security needed to help transport packages. Meet Ofrani at pier 2 slip 4 in Granale. Ask for Ofrani at 10am 2/18

Plot Synopsis

Sazzle shows up 55 minutes early having thought he was late but spaced the hour. He asks for Ofrani and is told to get breakfast at the eatery across from the pier. Namirr shows up for the job and does not ask for Ofrani and is assumed to be part of the loading crew and is directed to crates to load. After a while Puck shows up and asks when Namirr overhears he heads over after stowing a crate. The others show up. Ofrani says that they are needed to safeguard 2 crates that have been loaded and to bring them to 754 Briar St. They agree to getting paid 625 silver plus 400 if their skills are needed.

They then board the ship, The Lineanas meet Captain Triabs, and are shown to the crates. Namirr puts a Mage Lock on each crate and Puck starts checking out the ship for things to steal. On the first night he notices a crew man standing by a barrel at the base of the mid mast. Not much happens as Varda and Urik keep guard of the crates.

On the 3rd day just before nightfall as River watches the sun setting a ship is spotted approaching not flying any flag. The crew prepares for a boarding and to fend off what appears to be pirates. River spots some in a barrel who says he is doing his job and to leave him alone. Meanwhile Cetar K'thuek a lizard who had been following the ship on a dolphin sneaks up ready to use the pirates as a distraction. Puck stays in the hold and sets up a trip line on the stairs and puts out the lights to hide behind some crates. As the pirates start firing arrows Cetar sneaks aboard as Sazzle dives in to sneak onto the pirate ship just missing seeing Cetar. Cetar avoids the trip wire and goes to the crates. He gets hit by the Mage lock but still opens the top crate after cutting some restraining ropes. After removing the contents he sneaks out. Topside the party is taking out the boarders. Sazzle sneaks up and threatens the captain of the pirate ships to steer away and stop and to tell his crew to stop. The captain not wanting to die does tell his crew to stop but they are just finishing being killed off. Ron Cena and Puck search the pirate ship and find some silver and maps of some other nearby islands and Irelane.

The rest of the party are then alerted to the fact that their cargo was tampered with when Varda and Urik go down to check. They ask Puck about it and open the closed to grate as it did not have the magic seal any longer. They find a large plate with a ridge around it and assume that there was more in there due to the space. They search around but find no evidence of Cetar who had snuck out just as the combat ended. The captain get the boat going after finishing off searching the other boat and interrogating Jocaba, the pirate captain. They scuttle the pirate ship and sail on. River confronts the guy in the barrel but a marine tells her to back off.

They arrive at the destination and bring the crates to the house. There they are asked about any issues and they do say they were attacked and the box was open. Not happy with that they are asked to answer some questions bye someone who arrives. Each is sent into a room and asked if they knew what happened to the missing item. After truthfully not knowing they are paid and shown another door out. This does worry the others as they don't know about the 2nd door and were not seeing their companions coming back out.

Noteworthy Postgame Events