February 28, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Galiena (Hey, hands off, or I'll add you to the list...)
Tyndracha Navarre (Aerodrako auger/inventor extraordinaire. Dangerous only when bored.)
Meow Kitty


People needed to investigate the loss of a ship. Meet in the Accelor Shots, meeting room 2.

Plot Synopsis

The party arrived at the appropriate time and were met in the Accelor Shots by Louise. She explained that her organization was begining to reestablish one of its research facilities that was abandoned many years ago. A ship was sent with workers to clean and repair that station. It was currently a week overdue to report in. The party is being hired to investigate the fate of the ship and crew as well as any possible threat posed on the island.

They sail for six days, with the assistance of an air mage, and reach their destination. They first notice a ship anchored offshore. As they approach, they come around and can see there is a large blast crater that has destroyed part of the mountain. Louise is asked about the origin of this crater but declined to comment. As they pull closer, they see that the ship has been badly burned and is unsalvageable.

They begin to investigate the island. Meow Kitty scouts out some tracks that lead to a recessed door in the cliff face. They enter into an expanded cave system and begin looking through it for signs of life. They find some boxes of supplies for the workers and several small rodents scurrying about.

Down one corridor, Dom begins to smell blood and as they reach the end of the hall way, they find a barricaded door. After breaking down the door, they find four bodies, all badly eaten.

A rat can be seen watching them from a crack in the wall; Tyn and Galiena begin to construct a "Better rat trap" while Tanis goes wandering off. While Tanis investigates the cave system the rest of party basically stays put. Tyn attempts to use her three words of Entish to communicate with the rats. She hears back a "Hello" which leads her to believe the rats are intelligent.

Galiena Sends a note to a mage in the CMG requesting a defered fluency and waits with Meow Kitty at the enterence. The rest of the party goes exploring as Tanis returns. While exploring they see many more rats scurrying around, using an extensive system of cracks to get from place to place. They come across a heavy iron door and Tyn begins to try to pick the lock. After much frustration, she descides it can not be done. About this time, Galiena's defered Fluency arrives. She talks to a rat which tells her that the others who came here were killed for invading.

After talking with the rats for a few minutes, sensing increasing beligerence, the spell ends and Galiena calls down the hallway for Tyn to get herself and everyone else out of there. Everyone except Gideon begins to bolt for the exit. A large number of Witchy Sleeps begin to befall the party as they run. After much hacking/slashing/fireballing the party manages to clear out of the facility, except for Tanis who seems to have disappeared.

Tanis does some spell casting and determines the rats have a shared consciousness, but not much else usefull. He then procedes to rip the iron door from its hinges and finds a room with many animal cages. He takes a pink crystal from the work bench and continues searching. He eventually accounts for most of the people sent there before them and heads out of the cave.

While Tanis is searching again, the party waits on the beach. Dom uses his mining skill to determine how to collapse the cave system and marks the spot. Gideon and Galiena spot a set of three rats running toward the ocean and a fireball quickly dispatches them. After awhile, the party begins to head back to their ship, Dom remaining behind for Tanis. When Tanis emerges from the facility, Dom points out his findings. Tanis uses some magically enhanced strength to collapse a large portion of the entrance. The two of them catch up with the party at the ship.

Louise is informed of the situation and seems shocked at such an ambisious project was undertaken, but did not seem to know anything about it. Gideon attempts to find out more about Louise's organization on the sail back, but did not learn anything useful. The party headed back to Centralia and are paid 1500sp. Players recieve 2500exp.

Noteworthy Postgame Events