September 20, 2015

Game Master
Matt Seedorf
Alex (Gender bending, flying translator of Orusy goodness)


Aventurers needed to recover sensitive records and items stolen from the University of Chrom. Meet Prof. Gravellock at the N Hall of Agriculture.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers were brought to the N Hall conference room were they were well fed and told about the quest. Prof. Gravellock explained that there was a break in at the university where a few guards were killed and some of his Serum "Munster" and the plans for the Serum were stolen from what appeared to be Lord Charles' henchmen. He said he would pay the group 1000 silver and would give them a "Perk" if they could return all the Serum with the plans.

They were then escorted by Gravellocks employee Thomas and a guard to meet up with a rendezvous man who turned out to be Tiny Box Tim. On the way to meeting Tim, there they were ambushed by theives. They killed the thieves of all but two, and took one in for arrest. Once there, Tim led them to the hideout camp where the henchmen were and also explained that they were camping inside a Spider cave.

The aventurers killed the henchmen but for one but not the three officers who fled. The one henchmen told him he was really working for Lord Braken Hammerstone. Once they returned to the University/Prison factility. The Henchmen was assassinated. The adventurers were given their silver and rewarded with a magic mutate. of near their experience.

Noteworthy Postgame Events