March 13, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver


posted in Rogutero three days prior to game date in Paroli and Haoogh: Skillful and adaptive adventurers needed to retrieve equipment. Travel required. Pay dependent on success. Meet at Accelor Shots in Centrailia room 2 at 4pm.

Plot Synopsis

Yoln arrives about half hour early and orders the third variety of cheese listed. After paying for this rather large wedge of cheese he heads over to room two. He knocks and is told to enter and have a seat. The rest of the group shows up on time. They are informed that Maeron wants them to go to an island 5 days off Centrailia and take a variety of things from the people there and bring them back for him. There are three places to be hit and each one successfully raided will result in them being paid 500 silver pieces. This is agreed upon and the mission goes under way.

The trip there was uneventful. Once there they decided to go about getting the items in the cloak and dagger fashion, as opposed to running in and randomly killing people until they are taken out. They approach the first house and Jake goes in through the window. The rest of the party outside then hears some girls' voices approaching and decided to keep the building between them and the approaching people. The two girls proceed to shut the window and head inside.

While this is going on Jake is happily raiding the underwear drawers and looking under rugs. He eventually finds the room that contains their first objective, a trunk. He then hears the two girls coming and decided to exit the building. After waiting for the two to fall asleep he then reenters the building and bludgeons the girl (smashing her head in) and takes the trunk.

The party then moves on to the next target. Opting to go in through the door, Jake eventually picks the lock. Yoln then uses his rather sweaty cheese to quiet the door's creakiness. They then loot this building. Jake then leaves a surprise for the people to find the next day.

They then made there way to the third target. Ell'it puts his lizard height to work and blows out the street lantern so they can make their move under the cloak of darkness. They break in and steal the three crates they were suppose to. They then make their way back to the ship with their loot.

Upon return they turn over the loot and are paid 1500 silver each.

Noteworthy events:
Yoln, and the rest of the party, beheld the power of cheese.
Eeps 2000 for an efficient job well done, and for keeping it amusing.

Noteworthy Postgame Events