September 05, 2015

Game Master
Matt Seedorf
Curley Wurley


Adventurers were needed to investigate on a “pest problem”.

Plot Synopsis


William/ Seig
Daniel Story / Curley Wurley
Benjamin / Zakimoto
Kate/ Lir (left midway)
Michael / Ttdtd (left midway)

The adventurers met up at the Cheeky Pub in Chrom where a man named Farmer Declan told them he was having an insect problem on his farmland and needed assistances giving rid of the problem. He offered 7200 silver (at the time I had 8 players) and if they could find the source of the problem he would was going to give them an extra incentive.

On their way to the farm, they came across abnormally large plants of corn. Curley Wurley decided to talk to the plants and ask them how they got that big and they essentially explained to him that they were given green water. When they got to the farm, they farmland around the farmland and south of the farm was eaten up by insects. When they went to investigate the insides of a forbidden area. They found a hazardous storages area. In that area they witnessed a grasshopper increase to the size of a large dog. It was also about this time 6 Giant Grasshoppers came to the farm and began eating more of the farm. The adventurers took care of the grasshoppers and it was about that time Declan appeared to check up on things.

When they questioned Declan about giving the plants “green water”, he confessed he has been using a secret new agriculture fertilizer made by the University of Chrom on his plants in which was helping increase his profits as food was becoming more and more abundant by him and he was since the food tasted so good, he was able to sell it at higher cost as well. When they explained to him what he saw, he realised this could be the reason why they large grasshoppers have been originating from.

He told the adventurers that he will go talk to the university officials about the problems that the fertilizer was causing and that any other Grasshoppers around would be handled by “top men”. He asked the adventurers to keep hush about this and in order to do so. He gave out his former military equipment and some one-charged rings along with the silv

Noteworthy Postgame Events