August 29, 2015

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko


Looking for people to investigate a crater and what happened to the last group sent to investigate. Meet Tranak at the Spiked Sharze in Gratac at noon.

Plot Synopsis

Wedala the bar maid serves Urik breakfast as he arrived early. The employer Tranak is not yet at the Spike Sharze and shows up a little before noon. The others arrived some a little late. Tranak says there was a crater to the East where the meteor crashed into a hill side. He says he will pay 400sp to go and investigate and take care of the issue.

The party goes out and walks 4 hours to the East of the town and coming over a hill they found a smoking crater. Near the crater 4 dead crushed and burned bodies. There are some trees still smoldering. They head into the crater and notice some tracks going to the East and decide to follow that set. Eventually a big blue insect like creature comes out and rams into MMG. The others all start attacking. MMG then hits it with a Dark Sleep. They erect a tent around it then head back to the crater. There they found in the center of the crater a broken meteor that appears to have been hollowed out and coated with a blue goo that Orth determines was poisonous. Car jumped in and felt a slight buring from the goo so he got out. MMG then spotted 2 spots where it appears some more of them had left. They followed the branch out to the left and after 30 minutes of walking the path split up. They chose to go right and one came out of the dark and ran MMG. Another fight ensued with it trying to spit acid at Urik. Shortly after taking down this one a 3rd shows up and attacked. Orth and Sazul both hold its head and the others deal it enough damage to take it out. They then cut off one of heads and Orth carries it back to town. Reporting to Tranak he pays them. The janitor was not happy about the dripping mess as it was eating his mop but did make the marble floor shine.

Noteworthy Postgame Events