February 21, 2004

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Kat McConnell
Samus (Can lift heavy luggage in a single round!!)
Quaoar Ridgewood (Zhe likes to 'ack zings vis 'er big zord.)
Jack Livingston


Need something to do? Show up at the Stopover Inn sometime on 5-27. Ask for Phil. Bring a spoon.

Plot Synopsis

The party went and bought various spoons, Kazin bought a rather large mixing spoon and came across a spork as well. Quaoar bought a two pronged fork, Samus made a staff/spoon of power and also bought a slave and had SPOON tattooed across her forehead.

One by one they managed to get to the Stopover Inn. Samus arrived first at 1:30 am where Phil directed him to a back room where a note was written in chalk on the wall.

Sorry not to be here in person, something came up that required my immediate attention. I need your help in locating pieces of an item. Job pays 700sp w/ possible bonuses. Go through portal 27 and meet by the boat on dock 3 at noon 5-28. See Phil for pass to board boat.

Samus proceeded to change the date and time of the meeting before going to see Phil. Phil gave Samus a pass to board the boat and an advance of 50sp. Samus left and came back a bit later to read the message to see that it had been fixed. He then made an ass of himself in the bar trying to distract Phil so Spoon could slip him something in his drink. This was unsuccessful and Samus was asked to leave. Phil went to fix the note again and Samus bribed the bartender to slip Phil some paralyze poison and really strong liquor. Samus returned to find Phil still fully conscious at the bar. Samus asked for his bottles back and after some arguing got them. He then poured them over Phil's head.

Next in at 5am was Loten. He read the note and noticed several places that had been erased and other notes on the ceiling that said basically the same thing but a different date or a different portal. He got his boat pass and 50sp but declined directions to portal 27. He got lost and a half hour later asked Phil. He made it to the dock and found Samus occupying the dock space as a "Ghost Ship"

Kazin showed up at about 11 and boldly brandished his spoon in Phil's face, much to Phil's confusion. He was directed to the back room, came back, was given 50sp and a boat pass and left.

Kulov showed up at noon, and Jack showed up at 3pm. They had little incident. Finally, Quaoar showed up at 5 till midnight. She read the note and renewed the wall, erasing it. She met Phil on his way back to erase it on his own, was given a pass and the 50sp.

Noon the next day everyone had arrived at the boat, some having camped out on the dock. They were informed by the seefo that they would be going to an island chain 4 days out to recover some things that were lost when the ship was destroyed in a storm.

A seagull type bird delivered a note to the seefo saying that the employer wouldn't be accompanying them on the mission. It also had a bit more information on the cargo.

The seefo asked if the party wished to get any supplies before they left. Kazin bought a bear trap and Lotem bought some rope and a weight

By the time they had returned another note arrived with detailed information on what they were after, specifically, 2 custom gear wheels, a metal framework, a crystal sphere, and several mirrors, as well as any personal effects of the crew if possible.

The ship left the dock and started its 4 day journey. Not one hour into it Samus convinced Loten to smoke one of his joints laces with various, non compatible drugs. Loten was affected severely by this and started hallucinating and trying to shave his head with an arrow. He got most of the way to a bad mullet before his ratings and screaming bothered the crew enough to put him in the brig. There he remained for the rest of the journey to the islands.

To kill the time, Jack went fishing and experimented with cooking with mini bolts. Samus and Ka'na took over the galley to make some "land beast" and made the leftovers into a "stew of power" Most of the party abstained from eating the human flesh but Samus and Ka'na enjoyed it thoroughly with the crew.

Evening of the 3rd day the ship was attacked by a giant squid. Quaoar hacked about 4 of its tentacles off. Kulov mini bolted it several times, Jack went for help from the crew and attempted to impale it, nearly missing Quaoar. The crew fired several arrows some nearly hitting Quaoar. The squid did manage to flail about and hit Jack and Quaoar, Ka'na laughed at the land beast's pain. Kaizin spurned it off the ship just as Quaoar managed a slice and dice multi attack. The squid was propelled backwards practically dissolving due to the many attacks. It did leave behind 4 tentacles which were made into breakfast the next morning.

Mid afternoon of the 4th day they arrived. The party split up. Jack and Quaoar went and looked at the southernmost places while Samus, Ka'na, and Kulov dragged the still hallucinating Loten along with them. After a few hours of searching, Jack and Quaoar found a box of dishware, the crystal sphere, 8 pieces of metal framework, the figurehead of the boat, and several personal effects of the crew.

The other group had some trouble with Lotem who had developed a fear of water, but also thought he was on fire. As soon as they arrived he covered himself in mud and proceeded to build himself a warren in the sand where he would be "safe" from everything. The rest of that group looked around for a while and eventually found random stuff from the wreck, two gears, and many pieces of mirror. The mirrors had been scattered around by many animals wanting to use them in their homes. Kulov got attacked by a raccoon-like squirrel. Kazin overloaded for defer and went unconscious for 4 hours. Ka'na ran into a clutch of eels.

A storm front moved in all of a sudden and the party prepared to wait it out. A fight ensued when they attempted to extract Lotem from his safe place. Jack and Quaoar waited out the storm in a shallow cave and the rest made a camp toward the center of a different island.

The next day the storm had died down and they returned to the boat with their findings. Another scuffle occurred getting Lotem out of his new safe place and when he tried to jump out of the long boat. Samus and Kazin duct taped him to prevent anymore distractions from him. Lotem was secured in the brig for the trip back.

Samus cast renew on the broken pieces and all but Quaoar and Jack tried to put the "laser" together. Sometime on the third day Lotem was released from the brig. Also Quaoar chucked Samus over the side of the boat. A scuffle followed but not much else happened. Samus tried several times to get the "laser" to work. Attempts included casting flame barrier at it which cracked two of the mirrors, and lightning bolting it which shattered the crystal.

The ship arrived and they were instructed to leave contact information for them to receive their payment and to leave their findings in warehouse 5. Two days later they received their payment (ranged 1000 to 1400 sp) and notes saying that what was left in the warehouse was the party's to split up amongst themselves.

In the warehouse were 1500 silver, a sextant, spare sail, a necklace and a ring, and a note explaining that the silver was their cut from the sale of the remaining items. Quaoar arrived first where she took the sextant they found and a couple pieces of left over jewelry to the mages guild to be witchsmellered. Samus arrived next where he took everything in the warehouse including the doors. Quaoar returned and put the necklace and ring back in the empty building because they were non-magical. Kazin came next and found nothing there (the jewelry was taken by someone on the street because there were no doors on the building) He then went to a stable and collected horse manure in a sac and left it in the warehouse. Kulov arrived to find the bag of crap. He took it to the office of the storage unit, demanded the deed to the building because he wanted the entire inside surface of the building. They laughed and said no. He lit the bag on fire, started walking, and flipped off the clerk. Who promptly threw a rock at him. Loten didn't get a note to go to the warehouse, also Jack and Ka'na didn't go.

2700xp were awarded with 100xp bonus to Tim for the horse manure idea because that's just funny.

Noteworthy Postgame Events