August 20, 2015

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Nathan R
Dot (Investigator of Oddities and other Strangeness)
Kurama Vulpes (Adventures for shinys)
Lili (Cute dragon girl, priestes of Orus (Fedor K. CHR274, Dead))


Adventurers needed to collect some herbs for me. Meet at Shaniqua's herbology at 3 p.m.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers were sent to meet one of shaniqua's friends, who had a specialized greenhouse that would grow multiple different environments of plants. On the way, they were attacked by plant dogs, who tried to lick them with thorn tongues. Kurama took one alive, and has successfully trained it. THey reached their objective, and were informed that the plant would draw undead towards them. with some trickery, they managed to prevent hitting the major mass of undead, simply picking off a few. Once they were back at Shaniqua's, she payed the agreed upon 400 silver, and delgato used his pay to bribe the party members(100 silver each) to let him keep9 the dog

Noteworthy Postgame Events