February 07, 2004

Game Master
Bob Richey
Galiena (Hey, hands off, or I'll add you to the list...)
Quaoar Ridgewood (Zhe likes to 'ack zings vis 'er big zord.)


Mercenaries needed to reaquire personell and equipment. Meet at the Accelor Shots in Centralia at noon. Ask for Louise.

Plot Synopsis

Most adventurers arrive at the bar at the appropriate time and are directed toward a meeting room in the back. Claude desides that he knows which woman is Louise just by her appearance. Coincidently, it was a Louise, however, not one hiring adventures. After abit of confusion, Claude joins up with the rest of the party.

The party is informed that they are needed to travel to an island about a weeks sail away and bring back Gottfried, an earth mage currently livng there. They are told that he used to be an employee of Louise's and she needs his expertise on a current project. The problem is Gottfried has developed extreme paranoia over the years and has moved to this island to avoid what he percieves to be constant threats to himself. The party is offered 2000sp as compensation.

The group has an uneventful sail to the island. They row in on two long boats, spaced far enough apart to avoid both being caught in a Halt Time. They begin their search of the island. They run into many traps set up across the island, drastically slowing their search. Bob almost gets killed by one trap and he and Winder set up a camp on the beach in order to heal the wounds. The rest of the party continue to search.

Eventually they finishish their search of the island and are unsuccessfull. Claude casts Alert on himself and does a quick flyby of the island. He notices a well conceiled cave entance they missed on their first pass. The uninjured party members join Claude and eventually finds and opens a hidden door.

There is a hallway behind the door, it is searched, revealing no traps. They go to the end of the hallway and encounter a door. Galiena picks the lock successfully and they enter, activating a tripwire above the door. They begin to search the room. It is roughly cut room with basic accomodations, and a man sleeping in a bed in the corner.

Claude moves over to the man and finds that is actually a dummy. Suddenly, they party finds themselves pushed upward as large stones appear under them. Gideon, Quawar, and Galiena crumple to the ground as their souls are ripped from them; Claude and Kalag resist successfully.

Meanwhile, Bob and Winder look for their commrades, finding them in a blue haze inside of a cave, several of them crumpled on the floor. They head back to the ship to inform Louise of the situation. They then wait on the ship for several hours before heading back. Bob devises a complex plan during that time to capture the "sleeping person" that was halted along with the party.

Bob sets up his trap, optimistic despite a lack of relevant skills. Several hours go by before the spell drops and time resumes. Bob successfully captures the dummy as Kalag Devine Words everyone in the area to "Do nothing." Claude quickly moves out of the cave. Immediately after he leaves, the room turns blue again.

Claude does some investigation and finds a second cave system hidden nearby and goes in. He finds a door. Going in, he successfully avoids a Mankiller and finds a second door. He goes through and sees an older man standing around. Claude bludgeons the man and restrains him and depletes him of any remaining units.

As the mage can no longer drop the spell, Claude descides to loot and then harrass him for several hours. Eventually the spell drops, and the party is recovered. Claude teleports the three bodies and rocks back to the CMG so they can be put back together. Gideon is done first as he is a member. Gideon volunteers to cover the spell cost to Soul Home the women, switching rocks with the bodies, then goes to the Guild's Library. Galiena and Quawar awaken quite upset. Seeing as they are not members, they are asked to leave and that Gideon will be contacted to straighten things out.

They pool their money to buy membship for Galiena so they can get back their correct bodies. Galiena then goes to find Gideon using a Locate spell. She catches up with him and then Glues his face to a rather large book. Galiena is then escorted out, and debited the units needed to Revocate the glue spell. Galiena recieves a tempory ban from using the Guild's resources, and may only stay of the time she is repaying her debt.

Claude finds Gideon, Galiena, and Quawar later and teleports them back to the island. They then sail back to Centralia. They are paid 2,000sp. Players recieved 2700 exp.

Noteworthy Postgame Events