January 11, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Joel Gunderson
Fred (He hates everything!)
Sotara (My sword talks to me...I swear it!!!)
William D Jackson (Mutto Freak of the year!! Maybe making a comback!!!)
Zwyc Livrak (On the road again.)
Pastor Tonsils (Arch- Mage)
Cronk (ya I can lift that)


Party sought to guard cargo shipment. Meet at Lojem Wizard Guild in the Portal Farm at 9am tomorrow.

Plot Synopsis

The party met at the guild at the appropriate time and were greeted by the receptionist. After a meeting with a drunk air mage by the name of Goragon, they were directed to another section of the building for transport to Geleia.

Their goal was the retrieval and safe delivery of two cartloads of crates from the Gramshire area back to the Lojem Wizard Guild. The party was offered 1500 silver per person.

The journey to Gramshire was uneventful; however, on the way back their watch became careless and during the night Sotara and Tork were kidnapped. The party attempted to find them in the morning but their attempts were fruitless.

The two adventurers were taken to the camp of a group of bandits currently opposing the Merchant League in Southam. Sotara and Tork were bribed into helping the leader who goes by the name Bradford. All their magic items were kept to make sure they accomplished their task and to make it look as if they had been robbed during the night.

The two adventurers were successful in convincing the party to continue onward rather than search for the bandit camp. The two of them were given two nails that each had a charge of Demolish on them; they were then expected to leave them in the carts.

When the bandit party attacked, they shouted the command word to activate the items in the carts; hence the cartloads were destroyed. The combat was difficult but they party managed to survive. They gathered what was left of the goods which appeared to be Gramshire Crossbow pieces and took them back to the portal in Southam. There they were informed by the captain of the guards on that side that their convoy had been a decoy and the other shipment had successfully arrived a day or so earlier.

Sotara and Tork received their payment from the bandits; the rest of the party was paid the required amount.

Noteworthy Postgame Events