December 20, 2003

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Ian Seelbach
Samus (Can lift heavy luggage in a single round!!)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Augustin Fresnel


Adventurers wanted to retrieve item. Meet Fresnel at Spectral Meteor.

Plot Synopsis

The Adventurers all arrive in some fashion or another, and meet a man in his late fifties. He introduces himself as Fresnel, and briefly expresses a mild interest in the wide variety of strange appearances of the adventurers. Soon all is business and Fresnel explains the situation:

In his research, Fresnel recently stumbled across records of a portal on a small island that takes one to the base of a man named Loganus. He says that Loganus was a well-known mage about 60 years ago, known for his power and his cruelty. He left several towns in ruin during a string of attacks around that time, and then quite suddenly disappeared. In the records, Fresnel found reference to a book Loganus was known to have, and has decided to hire adventurers to escort him to retrieve it.

The adventurers asked many questions, most of them pretty much useless. After this, Fresnel takes them on a two-day boat trip to a small, uninhabited island, where he leads them to a well-hidden portal. Gronk leads them through the portal, where the party finds themselves on the smallest of a pair of islands. Samus and Kirath are the first to take off toward the other island, which upon investigation appears to be very swampy with a small settlement somewhat inland from a rickety dock. As they scout, the rest of the party crosses the water in a few small boats.

When most of the party has arrived, a good number begin ransacking the largest structure they can find, which appears to be some sort of small temple. When they enter its main hall, at the end they see a man nailed to a slab of stone against a wall. All of his limbs are missing, yet the other residents in the room appear to be listening to him intently. A conversation between the party and this man takes place, where he rants at them about his god, Loganus. Samus attempts to convince the man that he is in fact Loganus, and tries to make himself look like him. Not knowing what Loganus looks like, this fails miserably. The inevitable battle begins, during which time many townsfolk are slaughtered in their defense of the temple by Samus, Kirath, and Gorbi among others, the paraplegic devotee is drained of his knowledge of Loganus by Tanis, and much random chaos ensues.

During the chaos, Gronk and Fresnel move aside and discuss the continuing of the actual mission. Tanis joins them and tells them of a personal residence of Loganus somewhere else on the island. He and Gronk find a well-hidden path and tell Fresnel that they will finish the job. They find an old, abandoned stone building deep in the swamp. Inside is an old, ratty household. Of note are only the study, in which they find a large symbol on the floor, with the entire skeleton of a man embedded and fused into the floor, and the bedroom, where near the bed is a glass case, inside of which they can see a book, the only one in the house that hasn’t rotted away. Cautiously they open the case from afar, whereupon many spell effects went off. They retrieved the book, grabbed a selection of bones, and went back.

While this was occurring, the rest of the party was busy pillaging. Little of note was found, save for an odd scrap of parchment with some strange items written on it. Of greater note was the fact that they man strapped to the stone without any limbs literally refused to die. Whatever they did, the man seemed to continue living. They left him there and took their pillaging to the rest of the town, where survivors of the fight in the temple had taken refuge in one of the houses. Seeing this, Kirath decided to demolish part of the house, collapsing the rest on the people inside.

They were all stopped in this revelry when Fresnel announced to them that the mission was accomplished, with Gronk and Tanis rejoining and turning the book and bones over to Fresnel. Kirath and Samus declined to go back with the rest, but everyone else went. The party was paid, with extra for Gronk. Tanis took a copy of the book (once it was ready) in lieu of extra payment.

Notable post-game events:

Kirath received many leeches for certain activities taken after the mission ended. They were removed without problem.

Noteworthy Postgame Events