May 12, 2015

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Dan Weller
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Need people to go back in time and find one of the last gems for me.

Plot Synopsis

So, if someone is reading this down the road a long ways, im going to summarize what happened on previous games and what has happened with the campaign, so everything is clear and well documented, as such, this might be long.

On this game, adventurers showed up to Lees plain, now known as paradise, and there they find 4 people waiting for them. Lee was there, watching his hologram images of things all across time and space and recording them for the future. Tilith and Yoko were there, messing around with the weird water beneath them, that felt wet but would not let them sink into it. (imagine a lake with REALLY high surface tension), and Liz was there, drinking some lemonade and just kinda watching everything take place. She seemed sad. Once everyone got in, and got accustom to things, Lee explained the mission was to go back in time, and track down he 5th gemstone, the time one, and bring it back. He explained they had managed to find it due to him working together with Liz (Atenite), to be able to scour most of time and see if it pops up anywhere. Their hunch was right, and they ended up finding the time gem about 10,000 years ago in a place called rome. Information was exchanged, pay debated, and adventurers get sent back in time 10000 ish years. They spent the first day looking about for it or where it might be, and ashkoffer used her abilities to get into the emperors palace in an attempt to drain identity Julius Ceaser. Only for her to find out that another "adventurer" had already come here and done it. Van Kleiss, one of the Anti-Heroes of my previous campaigns, who had supposedly died, had done that exact same thing to the real Ceaser already. Ashkoffer being friends with VK (going to abbreviate now) found out that he had survived the previous suns explosion... yadda yadda, non important stuff on other plains... and he had come back here to meet up with some adventurers and help them, simply because he was bored. Party was gathered, and Yoko was forced to sign a demonic contract that stated she would not harm VK this mission, unless he attacked her. She was only really mad because on a previous game, VK took her mom hostage and still has her. But information was shared, and together they found that the time gem was in ceasers crown, which had been stolen just a day before VK arrived. They tracked it to the sewers, where a demonic box on ashkoffer decided to eat like 50 children, (not my call). The found the crown, touched it, and all got teleported into the future with the gem. This time they found themselves near the Karren of destruction, when the planets torador and jaern were about to collide. they find the gem and get out. This happened two more times, once on the hindenburg, and they stopped it from crashing, and once in atlantis, which they sunk into the ocean. They returned to Lee and gave him the stone, got paid with a unique "resist time 1" blessing, and went home.

Now for whats going on underneath. The entire reason lee is collecting the infinity stones, oh and NO, THIS IS NOT STAN LEE, ITS JUST A COINCIDENCE, but the reason he was collecting the stones, was to help turn the tide of a war back on Yokos home world, where they were fighting alein like monsters that VK controlled, (they only just found out). Thing is, the infinity stones are sentient beings, and after the first one, the soul gem, Lee became "posessed" by it, and he hid it almost perfectly. the soul gem guided him and adventurers to collect, in this order, Mind gem, Power Aether Gem, Space Gem, and then the Time gem from this game. However, this was not without warning, on the mission where the space gem was retireved, it was shown that the single space gem was strong enough to hold Tor himself off for a while until adventurers could get it, before it promptly blew up the "planet" they were on and teleported them to Lee. The mind gem, when it was found, sucked all their minds into itself and showed them a vision of the future of jaern, which was not good, the sun had basically gone out, and everything was just a mountainous icy rock. There was still life, but most of it was chaotic, or just not natural. (precursor to Ras downfall). The time gem showed them the same thing if they thought about it. every single event they went to (not counting rome) was a MASSIVE disaster, however, with the hindenburg, they did prove that time is not set in stone and they could change their own fate of Lee destroying everything. However, due to nobody figuring it out, 5 of the 6 infinity gems were handed to lee without question. After recieving the time one, Lee was hired by Rowgen (Yokos father) to blow a hole in the war, and VK's side, so that they could go on the offensive. Lee obliged, but not because he was being hired to, its because he wanted to test his power. he showed up, and ANNIHALTED a lot of VK's army, allowing the defenders of the planet to claim victory. Meanwhile, Yoko had been reintroduced to her mom since Vk wanted to prove he wasnt the bad guy, at this exact time he showed Yoko why he "kidnapped" her mom. He pulled out a "ipad" like thing and showed her what was going on. she saw Lee annihalate the "bad" army, (which honestly was just a distraction for VK to track down and steal the least infinity stone, the reality one), but then she saw lee teleport. Lee appeared in a "council room" with all but one god in it (these are not the jaernian gods). With these gods not being as strong as jaernian ones, Lee killed the RA one, and when 3 others tried to smite them (neptune, osiris, and rudri counterparts of this world), he killed them as all. He demanded the rest bow down to him, which they did, giving him complete control of this plain and even more power. This leads to where we are at, with the second part of the campaign starting. The rest will be docuented much better. Hope you liked it. oh also, this was like 8 or 9 games summarized, so yeah.

Noteworthy Postgame Events