May 09, 2015

Game Master
Dmitri Luper
Ty Lee (Martial artist, hates all casting.)
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage (Fedor K. CHR214))
Raziel Blood Dirk (Once you die be mine)


Adventures wanted to help clear up trade routes and establish “Gummi-zone”. Meet at the black trinity mark at 7:00am

Plot Synopsis

At 7:00am adventurers met with Cid at the black trinity mark. Cid informed them that they were to clear up 4 trade routes, ensuring that they continue running smoothly. After briefing they went to Gepetto’s house to get a solar map with the locations marked.

The first location they went to was “The Land of Dragons”. When they arrived they ran into Ping and Mushu who were spying on a village that had been burned down. Adventurers learned that the Huns had invaded the area and disrupted trade. Adventurers then got on Slades dragon and flew towards the next village. Along the way they noticed a falcon spying on them… they killed it. The dragon then went towards the ground to eat the falcon. When party landed they were shot by many arrows. In the distance 4 huns horsemen rode towards them. Party killed all of them except one who they tortured. They gained knowledge of the hun hideout in the area. They went to the hideout where they found 7 huns. They killed them and looted a magical eye. Killing the huns fixed they trade route and they left.

The second location was “Treasure Planet”. When they arrived at treasure planet they found the captain working for Cid who informed them they were being raided by space pirates. They boarded the ship and were attacked. The killed the invading pirates, fixing the route.

The third location was “The World That Never Was”. When they arrived, they were dropped off on top of a large building. Down below they heard yelling and when they checked they saw a man crouching behind a parked car shooting at Nobodys. Party jumped down and killed the nobodys saving the man. The learned that the man was named Clive and ran Cids trade route. Clive brought them back to the base where they healed the other members of the trade route. Party was then requested to help Clive make one important run. They got there with no issues but were ambushed on the way back by nobodys (two sorcerers, two dancers, two berserkers, two snipers, and two samurais). They defeated them and returned to Clives base.

After all this, they returned to Cid for pay.

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Noteworthy Postgame Events