May 02, 2015

Game Master
Michael Lannert
Virgil (The last true priest of Anubis)
Trith (Mother of Drakos!)
Slyph (Probably already stealing from you.)


Adventurers Wanted to fight a shadow war

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers were transported to an Iron Clad base outside of a massive city. They were then tasked with destroying a warehouse. After scouting it out they proceeded an attack once sylph had been capturers. After fighting with some Taoist monks and their spirits a magic item destruction went off when Virgil disintegrated one of them. The explosion caused ¼ of a city block to be destroyed in the blast.
For their second task, they met up with a middle man by the name of twitch. He is a skilled mage, alchemist, and archivist. He told the adventurers their next task was to destroy a center where allot of the Taoist were stationed. The building ended up being a hospital. The adventurers ended up bargaining with a few of the Taoist to go off plane to work for Virgil, and they plan to open up a massage parlor and charge allot of money. They also captured a high level Taoist but ended up sacrificing him for the mission later. They blew up the hospital killing hundred of civilians and a couple handful of Taoist.
The third part of the mission was to interrupt a ritual going on at the Taoist stronghold. Most of the Taoist had left to deal with a major issue in the city and the destruction of the hospital. Before the adventurers entered to building though they witnessed a large green mist filling the city from the area of Twitch’s hide out. After an ambush attempt on the Taoist a large earthquake destroyed the ritual room and all the Taoist burned in a green flame. The adventurers fled and Virgil trying to save twitch flew into the mist. After saving for his sanity he found twitch at the center of the mist being compelled to write with a green quill. After talking to him Virgil found out it was an outsider that twitch had accidentally summoned due to the curse of the artifact.
Virgil after many attempts ended up being able to transfer the cursed item to the Taoist healer and taking twitch to safety. Twitch also notified Virgil of the fact a world eater class outsider would soon be following the minor one summoned. The party ended up talking to the employer and managed to escape the plane with a majority of the employers order. Their ships were stationed 4 mets outside of rotero before plane shifting away two days later.
Loot is still coming and will be written up, eps given 2900

Noteworthy Postgame Events