May 02, 2015

Game Master
Zane Grote
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage)
Selia (Angelic healer, herbalist, and lawfully good peace-maker.)


Trusted adventurers needed to help out the war effort.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers use trump cards made by Merlin to overcome obstacles in their way, save people from demons, save themselves from situations, and get reports to the front line. Results of encounters: Front line saved (all reports delivered and surrounding forces dealt with), Merchant group saved, Benedict's group was nearly wiped out due to a lack of intervention (Benedict dead and Nermine's boyfriend seriously injured), Healers partially saved/ Cathleen Jacobs and company dead, Zombie forces saved (field report got them backup), Merraketh dead due to lack of intervention, Compewter and other Crystal people saved due to proper adventurer intervention. Merlin, Corwin, and Suhuy's backstory complete from use of their cards (All saved). No time limit breech. Adventurers return Humphrey's castle via indirect method and found Humphrey in a meeting with the demon gods. The Demon Xanth offers them reward for completing the campaign and helping him win some bets. Won planetary power over Earth, won 2 major flux from Jupiter, lost two major flux to Saturn, bet with Mercury nulled due to outcome.

Major NPC changes
Benedict dead
Tommaq seriously injured
Merraketh dead
The mage's alliance dead (including a few mages from the guild)
Death replaced

Noteworthy Postgame Events