December 13, 2003

Game Start Date
Game Master
Sean McLane
D'leyna Ciedrith (Mini tank/lawnmower, famous for her omnipresent golf bag o' weapons.)
Samus (Can lift heavy luggage in a single round!!)


Competent Adventurers wanted to deliver an important Message. Meet at Flying Eagle Tavern in Karfelon. Ferry leaves Port Haven at Noon.

Plot Synopsis

Upon the posting of the advertisements, some adventurers tried to ascertain more information about the adventure, but there wasn't any information to be had.

The seven that joined up took the Ferry to Karfelon, and looked upon the newly rebuilt city. The docks, streets, and buildings were all new, and clean. They were met at the bottom of the gangplank by a company of City Guards, all wearing gold colored Breastplates, and required the Adventurers to have their weapons peace-bonded. The guards placed the peace-bonds on themselves, using string and wire, including peace-bonding one staff, by wiring the user's hand to the middle of the staff, thus making it usable as a walking stick, but unweildy as a weapon.

The party was informed of the two local laws of the City-state of Karfelon that the Guards felt was most needed to be told to Adventurers: Anyone caught fighting would be thrown in jail, and anyone casting hostile magic would be summarily executed. After several questions about the definition of 'hostile' magic, and whether they could cast spells with permission from the Guards, they were told they would not be given permission to cast spells, and that their best course of action would be to simply not cast spells.

They were led up the street by two Guards, and were briefly allowed to see the sights. Among the things the party noticed was that the Hippodrome seemed to still be standing, and had been repaired. One looked to see what the sewers were like, and saw that there were storm gratings on the edges of the streets, firmly set in the curbs, and that there were no manhole covers. Also noticed was the frequent patrols of guards, in groups of five: Four centurions in golden Breastplates, and a smaller, leaner individual with them, only wearing light clothing.

After crossing the Market Plaza, they entered the Flaming Eagle Tavern, where they met Horg the Orc. Horg gave them their mission: Deliver a message to a former Gladiator from the Hippodrome, named Gerlin. Gerlin had been a former champion before Karfelon had been destroyed, and was wanted to participate in the Opening Ceremonies of the Hippodrome, tentatively scheduled for the beginning of Halden (the second month). After some questions, the party found out that Two previous ships had been sent with messages previously, and that 'Mindspeak' had been tried once, but that failed as well. The adventurers were to be paid 1000 New Karfelon Silver Pieces each, upon the event of their successful return from the mission. If they were able to find the other ships that would be appreciated, but no extra reward would be given. Extra ship crew would be coming along on the mission to take the ships back if they happened to be found.

The group journeyed westward for about two days, until the island was sighted in the distance ahead. As they approached, Samus (who is an immaterial shadow thingie) started feeling funny, as though it were getting harder and harder for him to change form. The ship moved around the island, until on the west was spotted a large wharf with two ships tied alongside. They turned in toward the island when a couple things happened: Samus, who had been hiding in his bond-slave's ear suddenly exploded from her ear in a gush of blood, and landed on the deck, a full-sized naked elf. Simultaneously, two people, who had previously been endwarfed and earthboned, exploded from the orc's pouch on her belt, and they quickly bled to death from deep cuts on their wrists and throats. Gideon confirmed their suspicions by trying to cast Flint and Steel: the party and the ship was in a No-Magic zone.

Much discussion began, including suggestions that they turn around and go home.

Finally they put clothes on Samus, and scrounged for weapons for everyone, since they figured all their magic weapons wouldn't work anymore, and the spell casters would need a means to defend themselves. D'leyna's Sack'o'swords came in quite handy. Samus borrowed Gideon's crossbow.

Upon looking the island over, the party saw, off to one end of the island, a huge herd of antelope grazing. Some of the sharper-eyed party members noted some movement on one of the ships. Samus used a spy glass, and saw that the movement was a tiger. He then told the party that he saw a Weretiger on the boat, and that the island was obviously overrun with them.

Much discussion began, including suggestions that they turn around and go home.

The Cefo said that he wasn't going to tie up on the wharf, but that he was going to anchor further out, which the party agreed was a good idea. They took three longboats to shore, and cautiously looked around. The Island was fairly large, with a big dome-shaped hill in the middle, covered with forest. A stone path lead from the wharf up into the woods. Hesitantly, the party formed a marching order, and headed up the path, giving the message to Kelnin to hold. Partway up the hill, within the forest, they stopped, as there was a tiger sitting on a sunny spot on the path, visible as they came around a bend. Samus also saw two other tigers skulking nearby in the forest on either side of the path.

Much discussion began, including suggestions that they turn around and go home.

The party started backing away very slowly, with the idea of going back to grab a long boat, and use it to turtle under. As they began moving away, the tiger on the path got up and walked away... Looking again, Samus saw that one of the skulking tigers was gone too, but there was still one watching them from where it was crouched behind a bush. Onward and upward the party went.

They rounded two more bends as the path snaked up the hill, then finally they saw a fairly large building, with a big doorway in the front, but no doors in it. Very cautiously they approached. (It's amazing how cautious a party becomes when they don't have magic) Gideon and Kelnin approached the doorway, while D'leyna hung back about 15 feet, and everyone else stayed back about 33.45 feet (by Samus' reckoning). Peering into the doorway, they saw that the first floor was almost completely open, with a back doorway opposite them, columns holding up the ceiling, and no stairway up. There was a large opening in the ceiling, with a ledge around it, and 4 ropes hanging down through it from the second floor ceiling. Also, reclining in one corner was a tiger.

The tiger got up, and slowly meandered over to Gideon and Kelnin. The two tried to be reassuring, saying that they meant no harm, and that they were just looking for Gerlin. For some reason, the tiger didn't respond, and just walked up to Gideon, sniffing at him. Gideon made an effort to appear non- aggressive. For his trouble, the tiger tried to take a bite. Combat ensued, with the tiger taking a good sized bite out of Gideon, then Kelnin grappled the tiger (!) as D'leyna trundled up. The others made their way forward too, eager for blood, while Samus hung back with his crossbow.

The tiger broke free, while Gideon and D'leyna poked at it with their swords. Kelnin tried to grab it again, but the tiger was too wily. Samus tried to fire the crossbow at the tiger, but missed, and hit Kelnin in the throat instead, killing him instantly. Right after this, the party opened up a jumbo-sized can of whoop-ass on the poor tiger, dicing it into little bits before it could run away.

As the excitement ebbed, and they looked to see if there was any way to save Kelnin, or barring that, if he had any neat stuff, they noticed from above, some slow clapping. Up they looked, and saw a tall, wiry half-elf, with short black hair, graying at the temples, with all white eyes. He eventually identified himself as Gerlin, and shimmied down a rope to take the message. He said that he would have a response to Karfelon, in time for them to prepare for the ceremony. He also advised the group to avoid being attacked by tigers, by sticking together, and not stragging from the herd. He also gave advice to the group on how to get the tigers off the ships tied at the wharf, by making lots of noise. He also demanded that the party reimburse him 1000 silver pieces for the death of his tiger. When someone in the party asked if they would be reimbursed for the loss of their companion, Gerlin pointed out that Kelnin hadn't been killed by a tiger.

Message successfully delivered, the party clustered close together, and made their way to the shore again, followed closely by several tigers, who were attracted by the smell of blood and fresh meat. (Kelnin's body, and Gideon's wound). They made their way back to their ship, then got a megaphone and lots of pots, pans, and spoons. Gideon first tried (and succeeded) to make a 'call animal' roll, to sound like a Drako. This however only made the watching tiger on the ship tilts its head in curiosity. The group then made a great deal of racket, by banging on the pots, pans, and D'leyna's plate mail. All the noise made the tiger lay it's ears back, and scamper away.

The party got the spare crews over to the ships, and got them away.

Two and a half days later, they returned to Karfelon, where the surviving members were each paid 1000 Karfelon Silver Pieces. They noted that the head on the Coin was Lord Barlowe.

Experience Given out: 2800 to all surviving party members.

Noteworthy Postgame Events