April 26, 2015

Game Master
Dan Weller
Jake ()
Delgatos character he rolled up because his first


Need adventurers to help yoko retrieve a space stone

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers showed up to hirer at the same time and got information on what the stone is and where it was. The mission was to commit a crime to get arrested and thrown into this prison, and the stone was in the wardens office. They killed a few people or ran through the street naked (scroggite) and got thrown in. the chaos mage Xandar died, due to chaosing to get arrested, but his head exploded on the last one, into a comet. the adventurers spent a few days setting up a prison riot, and started it by destroying the box that stopped the no magic zone. A riot ensured and they managed to get to the wardens office. Waiting in the wardens chair, with a dead warden on the floor, was Van Kleiss. Who has been working against Yoko for a while now. He did a little speech, and warned them tor was coming. They took the space gem and teleported out, and gave the gem to the hirer. They got paid. gg lol.

Noteworthy Postgame Events