April 19, 2015

Game Master
Dan Dubriwny
The Lady Duchess Anna Foamwake (I do so try to look good and be my best)
Trith (Mother of Drakos!)
Shinobu ()
Alar Halcyia Gretchen di Raziel (She's.... *sigh*....)


Adventurers wanted to clean up a mess.

Plot Synopsis

Adventure's went to monitor a town that was going to be attacked by an individual. This individual was not to be messed with and was to be left to his devices. They were to let a rumor be created that spreads the word of what happened here but no specifics. The town was systematically destroyed and some was covered up by party. They never talked to the individual in question. The party got paid 10k each plus 10k value in loot.

Noteworthy Postgame Events