December 06, 2003

Game Start Date
Game Master
Joshua Ellison
Cronk (ya I can lift that)
Willie Jackson


Adventurers needed to explore an ancient temple. Meet at the stopover inn at noon.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers responding to the ad's posted meet at the stopover inn at about the right time but the employer is just a little bit late. He introduces himself and begins to tell the adventurers that he would like for them to go with him to explore an ancient "temple" to the four elements that has just recently been uncovered thanks to a slight earthquake in the extreme north of the planet. After agreeing to terms they set off on the trip which has a portal leading them to a four day walk away from the temple, through some very heavy snow.

After a small fight with some blue wolves that seemed to think that the adventurers were food the eventually get there and Cronk heals a couple of the less healthy people as everybody was getting very cold and some had frostbite. The adventurers explore the temple and find that it has rooms dedicated to each element and dangers all of there own. In each room is a key, which you have to navigate through a danger filled room to get to, and each is guarded by an elemental of the appropriate type. After getting all of the keys they turn them simultaneously in the pillar in the middle of the first room and a spiral stairway opens up underneath of them. Downstairs they fight four mages who are the guardians of a special box. After many scythes and other spells in which Timmy stressed for the second time of the night the party killed the four mages, one of which tried to web Cronk but that didn't work. The party loots and returns where a couple more people get frostbite on the way back. Everyone is paid 5000 silver each and was promised that when the box is opened they will be told and can be present if they wish to be.

Noteworthy Postgame Events