April 20, 2015

Game Master
Dan Weller
Jake ()
Talvia Dureen
duotoss (the polar fighter, Reaver's executioner, specializing in handguns, whips and swords.)


"i need people to help me retrieve a gem and family relics"

Plot Synopsis

People met at garens bar within the portal farm, got drinks and stuff, and yoko showed up at 11 for the hiring, like as the hirer. She explained to them about the gem she wanted, and what they might be against. They set off through portal 616 (if anyone got the reference) and ended up in a large city. Due to a previous scouting mission, they knew the gem was on a isnad about 3 days away. They went to the port, but found nobody wanted to said there due to a supposed curse that nobody who sails there has been coming back. They eventually hired out a ship, by paying people who really needed work. and on the way there, they hired a nomad to help them through a storm with calming waters. They hired the nomad with 6 bags of weed lol. The nomad used an addiction potion to make haychia addicted to weed, and then sold her a bag at like 10000 silver. They arrived at the island, and saw nothing amiss. After questioning a few people that just had the name Max(well) they decided to visit a oracle who lived on the other side of the island. They met her, and as a atenite she answered some questions, but wasnt very helpful. The best thing she did was give them a potion that allowed them to see nomadic spirits, which they realized had taken over the entire town. harry used true seeing to find a hidden door in the town hall that led deep underground to a room with the gem in it. as soon as it was touched, it took all their souls and put them in fabricated world. They basically played through the "little talks" music video from of monsters and men, and when they got to the end, they got their souls shoved back into their bodies, and took the gem. they got paid, and went home.

Noteworthy Postgame Events