April 11, 2015

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Zane Grote
Git' Wrekt
Ashcoffer ()
Jinx (Mishrite down to that deep, explosive core.)
Garen (Warrior & psion)
Bluttrausch ()


Assassins wanted to hunt down some targets that are going to sell important information

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers took out the cabin boy out first, but not without Kurama and Bluttausch invading the ship and causing a large fight. It was obvious that there was a fight involving adventurers and plenty of rougtero dock workers and surviving crew saw the fight. They killed the politician next and brought a building down in the process. People saw most of the adventurers but it was not in jaern. They then killed a midget and only blew up a bathroom. Then they killed an entire small encampment of nomads and captured the one they needed. They then went and fought Rambo and finally killed him.

Noteworthy Postgame Events