April 12, 2015

Game Master
Jessica Keefer
'Saint Emperor' Corrigon Fortarn (Saint Emperor Corrigon Fortarn, Profit of Cronk, Minion of Zephrin, Harbinger of the gods of life and being. Professional Survival Specialist (Upgrade of Cannon Fodder))


Adventurers wanted to investigate an incident to the South East

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers met in a small inn southeast of Corrigan’s yet to be named kingdom. All showed up separately in disguises. After they had all gathered the barkeep led them upstairs where a man was sitting having tea. He asked them to sit down and he explained that they were being hired to investigate an incident in a town to the south east. He had lost contact with someone there and wanted to know what happened to the town and his contact. The adventurers agreed, with pay of silver and additional magic items if they did a really good job. They set off on their way to the town which was around two days travel away. They passed through some very rough territory before coming to an area of the road which was a slightly different color than the rest of it. Duri decided to go ahead anyway and was followed by Anna. When they were mostly across, the trap collapsed sending Duri inside it while Anna flew away. Duri had fallen into a large creature covered with teeth, and was promptly swallowed. Corrigon tied a rope around himself and jumped in after him pulling Duri to safety. After the party was out of the creature they then killed it quickly. They decided to loot the creature so Corrigon and Duri jumped in and started slashing it to bits. They found lots of bones and two items. Dues decided to rez the most recent bones and brought a 6 year old girl back to life. She was put in a bag until later. The adventurers continued on until they came to a small town and decided to rest for the night at a brothel. While walking to the brothel a group of thugs approached Anna and tried to make her leave with them. The party killed a third of the bandits and took two others captive. The rest of the town decided to give them a wide berth after that. After ordering two prostitutes at the brothel and seeing how malnourished they were Corrigon offered them rescue to one of his kingdoms and they accepted. Anna killed the owner of the brothel making it look like auto erotic asphyxiation. The next morning the party gathered the prostitute’s son from a gang of pirates and continued on. They made it to the town they were looking for only to find it completely empty of people except for a few corpses with black veins. They went to the contact’s home and found shy guy robes and documents as well as some encrypted papers, but no sign of the contact. Since reveal the past was not working they decided to spend the night with one of the thugs from the previous town as bait. The next morning two of the corpses had disappeared. The adventurers decided to again spend the night in the town and arranged the remaining corpses in the open where they could watch them. Several cameras were set up around the corpses as well. Around three in the morning the cameras within 40 ft of the corpses exploded and one of the corpses started collapsing in on itself. Corrigon picked up the corpse to see a black ooze retreating into the ground. He dug a rather large hole trying to find it again but was unsuccessful. The next night there were two bodies left, one was placed on a roof and the other strung up above the ground. Cameras were again set up. Duri noticed black ooze moving up the building structure towards the hanging corpse and started attacking it. It fell to the ground and was bombarded with minibolts. Duri collected a sample of the ooze. After the next night in which no activity occurred the adventurers decided to head back. They ran into another pit creature on the road back and killed it quickly before looting it. They only found bones this time. They returned to the inn and presented the employer with an ooze sample, two black veined bodies, the missing contacts notes, and video of the ooze. The employer paid them.

Noteworthy Postgame Events