April 11, 2015

Game Master
Jason D. Taylor
Duo toss
The boulder
Josh the crimson flame


Need adventurers to investigate recent disappearings in a neighboring kingdom. Meet at bar X at 6 pm.

Plot Synopsis

Happened on real date 4/11/2015

This game was hired by reaver. Recently persons were going missing more and more around varrock city. Party had to work their way from the ground up figuring out what the heck happened. They went to the city to find that the people were essentially disappearing in front of other peoples eyes. This led party to seek out the royal Mage, and inquired about the recent missing people. He told them what he knew (not a lot) and party went exploring for a cave known by duo toss. This ended up being correct, and the party was before the shadow council, as they are known in fable world as. The reapers were discussing the rogue reaper taking people to keep her mortal love alive. Party traded information to Togame to find the person in question (neku) and he was brought before the council where they said they could handle it from there.

2700 EP, 10k silver and jdt095 and jdt094 given out as loot.

Noteworthy Postgame Events