March 28, 2015

Game Master
Berwyn Beardclan (Sword master and professional drinker.)
Cal 'The Jackal' Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)
Lili (Cute dragon girl, priestes of Orus (Fedor K. CHR274, Dead))


"Where people cry and scream try not to forget all"

Plot Synopsis

This mission was the second to last till the end of the campaign
- Find the artifact
o Party went to a city and berwin bought some remote control birds and bought them donuts that are to be delivered to the police station next door for a while.
o Party after exploring came up with a lot of dead ends and met back up at a police station
- Party investigates the town area
o Asking around they attempted to discover any strange phenomena going on around town eventually discovering a carnival that is supposed to be shut down.
o After a nights rest party set out to explore this carnival only to discover that it was not as it appeared on the outside. What seemed to be innocent attractions are first look ended up being nightmare deathtraps.
- Nightmare carnival
o Party has strange things happen when they leave each attraction. What appears to have been nightmares and deathtraps are actually what they were supposed to be after they leave.
o Dive mapped out the entire park
o Party loots all of a circus of values machine receiving a couple of round of amo, basic medical kits, and some random other supplies along with a golden juggling ball.
o The second event they attempted is a game of death darts between dive and sylph this was overseen by an antivermaxian proctor
 Dive lost and decided to give up his language via the vermaxian spell instead of dieing.
 Party received the orb and continued
o The 3rd obstacle they attempted was the face your nightmares event in hell.
 Party eventually was able to overcome their fears and break the spell retrieving the orb.
 They then noticed a set of elevators that took them to obstacle that they had already accomplished
o 4th event
 In a hall of mirrors where if you touched one you have forget all cast on you. Party struggled with losing their minds as they traveled though eventually burwin fell to the madness and was abducted by a half doplganger anti-vermaxian.
 When party hit the end they chose to retrieve what they had come there for and not what they had lost giving them the orb but not their lost party member or memories.
o 5th event
 Cal decided to be on the opposite end of a shooting gallery getting shot at by a sniper and he received the 5th and final orb.
o Party returned all the orbs to the clown
 Juggles and drops the artifact they wanted but gains 3 more hands
o They decide to then retrieve the orb from the spider and cal just grabs it because he moved faster than the spider.
o Party then is forced to leave to avoid a large conflict with clowns with grenades and hirudo.
o As they leave Berwin, sylph, dive and lili forget there last mission that they were on if they went on a mission the previous week they no longer remember it (minus berwin) and all don’t remember the horrors of where they have been.
o Berwin is returned to party but unknown to him part of his brain has been removed and replaced with an incompatible brain piece giving him an inferior int .
 This can be removed by a 5 dice brain surgery check or an 8 dice surgery check and a 2 week in game recovery (he will miss the next mission.)
 There is now a half dopleganger anti vermaxian that looks like him.
- Pay was 6000 silver to those who remember and 5000 to those who forget. 3000 eeps to all.

Noteworthy Postgame Events